Testimonials from my recent Higher Health Course:

(I ask for 3 sentences!  Haha!  Growth happens!!)

From Anthony: 


Reflecting back on the last few months, the higher health course has helped me build amazing habits that changed the way I look at goal setting and routines.

Who would’ve thought getting up earlier and having a glass of warm water first thing makes such a difference. Through this course, I learned to listen to what my body needs and choose the right food and substances that helped me to be relieved of my gastritis and stomach issues.

I live a pretty active lifestyle, and I was constantly overwhelmed. The course taught me how to give myself time and space to make clear, well-intentioned decision with my life.

Intention setting and self love are so important and im so glad to have learned them.

Thanks Winslow!



From Laura:

What I realized is that I have learned so much and evolved so quickly that it is hard to remember where I was, what feels normal now was not even an idea or hope when I started!  I realized how hard growth is to quantify unless you really take the time to look.  So, thank you!  Like so many parts of this course you have gently guided me into personal growth by getting me to go deeper than I would choose to do on my own.

Here it is:

The body thrive course has helped me in both tangible physical ways and in more subtle ethereal ways:

In the physical/tangible side:  I did not get a migraine the entire length of the course!  I also did not have a single fever blister, even though my husband had a few!  That is amazing because I usually get one if I look at someone who has one! I am sleeping much more soundly than when I started the course. And here is the clincher…I am now that person that meditates and does yoga everyday!!! What?  I didn’t even those those people really existed!

Now for the more subtle and most impressive stuff:,

I started into this course feeling as if I was riding a unicycle on a high wire juggling a bunch of balls that make up life. Ugh! And not feeling like I had the time, energy or ability to focus on any one ball individually: work, finances, goals, dreams, bills, health, family, community, relationships, schedules, pleasure… I was so busy juggling that I was missing the love and joy in my days and my moments.  It was there, but I wasn’t.  Intellectually I could look at my amazing life and say “this shouldn’t be”. Yet I could not figure out how to manage it emotionally or practically.

Somehow, over the short time frame of this course all of those balls have melded into one tidy, manageable ball of life.  This has simultaneously decreased my stress and anxiety while increasing my joy and love, creating more grace, easy and productivity in my days. BINGO!  Do I understand it?  Not really.  But the more I embrace it, the clearer it becomes.  The simple act of plugging these tiny habits into my life has freed up time and space.  It seems counter intuitive to add in more, in order to free yourself up…but that has been my experience.  In the beginning there was such a stark contrast between what I felt on the inside and what I was presenting on the outside i.e. inside: overwhelmed, stressed, holding on by a thread.  Outside:  happy, positive, grounded, even keeled.  I honestly felt like an imposter and it was exhausting.  By shrinking the gap between my inner and outer worlds I am honing in on my true self, seeing what gifts I have to offer out into the world and therefore feeling more confident in my own skin. AHHHH!
From there I can obviously pay more attention to my own intuition. For instance, my intuition has told my for years…”no one can help you“.  I didn’t like that so I kept shoving it down.  But it has proven to be true! This course has shown me how to take control of this amazing life and help myself!  Little ole me had the power all along.  Pretty cool!  Winslow helped me to lay a foundation that I will continue to work with and build on for the rest of my life. Can’t put a price on that, now can I?

Dan says,

[su_quote]I highly recommend the higher Health course. If anyone is interested in learning how tosuccessfully change old habits to improve their health, this course is for you. I really liked the focus on learning how to change habits and replace negative behaviors. While many of the habits that the class targets are common healthy living activities that are covered in other diets and programs, the Higher Health course approaches these habits in a holistic manner and focuses on permanently changing behaviors, rather than a short term activity that won’t be maintained overtime. Winslow does an excellent job of motivating and supporting the class members to change their lives for the better. The habits that are targeted towards attitude and spirit complement the course in a fantastic way that wraps the dietary changes, exercise and other habits into a holistic approach to improving your life and health.[/su_quote]

From Megan:

My personal experience with the Higher Health course has been transforming. I set an intention before taking the course that I wanted to support my personal growth to find my true life purpose. I have been exploring living more authentically and with an open heart. Winslow has an amazing ability to listen, support, explore, educate, and inspire. Her course is unique from any other that I have taken. She has a wealth of information to share. She provides education on healthy habits and change through multiple media platforms (videos, slide shows, links to pod casts, and group phone calls). To be perfectly honest, Winslow shows up for you and steps into the seat of teacher to truly provide support. She helps you take a vague concept or goal such as “I wish I could be more healthy, efficient, motivated, productive, conscious”, and then models and provides tools to address these areas. Winslow listens closely to what her students are capable of and provides the platform for change and reaching our potential.  My favorite healthy habits to date are “earlier lighter dinner” and “start the day out right”. She has modeled and defined why it is helpful to eat a lighter dinner and earlier in the day. My family, home life, and digestions/metabolism function much higher when my family of four eat early. When we eat dinner before 6pm it frees me from hours spent in the kitchen cooking and cleaning, and helps me spend my evening with more quality and rewarding time with my husband and two boys. Secondly, “starting out my day right” with a routine of meditation, drinking water, yoga, exercise, personal self care, and a healthy metabolism just point me in the right direction to be my best. I highly recommend any of Winslow’s courses. She is reliable, skilled, and “walks the talk”. The material she shares is genuine and she has learned and applied the nature of her work in her own life and family. Thank you for being here Winslow. To Higher Health and all you do!  High Five, Megan

From Chloe:
The Higher Health course has made such a difference in my health and life even in these past few months.

I learned how to look at my body and evaluate what was going on inside it and how to make it better. Through that, I discovered that I have IBS and have been able to work towards treatment.

-Understanding my constitution had a major impact on me. It made me understand why my body doesn’t always function at its best. This has been especially helpful since I’ve been out of town for the past month. I’ve been able to give my body comfort and ease at a time when I am out of my comfort zone/routine/home.
I was able to clear up a major breakout of acne that I had. I struggled with acne my whole teenage-hood and Winslow helped me understand that it was related to digestion problems and she gave me great resources to help my digestive system. I tried one of the products she recommended (Triphala) and within a week my skin cleared up. I was able to stay off the antibiotics I was on for my acne; my digestion got better; and my skin was not only clear, but glowing. I haven’t had a breakout since.
Overall this program has gotten me on track to my best health and I’ve never looked or felt better. I’m excited to continue with the things I’ve learned.

“I know that’s longer than 3 sentences, but this has been such a great experience! Thanks for everything so far”

I loved how Winslow presented the course in “bite-size” pieces. Instead of changing my entire diet, I set a goal to shop and make one different meal a week. This made things manageable and I was able to build upon small successes.
I enjoyed the meditation section the most and am embracing the freedom in just letting go. Thanks Winslow!

Dede –

You know that thing you’ve been putting off?  For years?  “When I have more time, I’ll…” For me it was meditation.  I have anxiety, and I know about all the research showing how much meditation can help.  For 25 years I have thought, “Soon I will start meditating.” But on my own I just never made it happen.  This is a course which will help you make it happen, whatever “it” is.  Or maybe you don’t have a particular thing in mind, but you’re just in a rut and know life could better.
I knew deep down that I wasn’t living my life the way I wanted to, but I was at a loss for how to change and afraid of stepping out of my old routines, unhelpful though they were.  Winslow’s class gave me support, structure, and tools to shift my patterns and try new approaches.
If you know Winslow, you know what an inspiring light shines from within her.  What I didn’t know, was how practical and specific her guidance would be.  My entire day looks different than it did 12 weeks ago.  I now have strategies for coping with the challenges big and small that each day brings and I hear Winslow’s voice encouraging me to choose gratitude, health and love.  What a difference.  Friends and family have noticed the changes in me.
Winslow was always able to ask just the right questions in my one on one check-ins with her to get to the heart of the issue. Many times I found myself on the phone with her in tears, seeing a deeper truth behind my actions that her gentle questions revealed.  The wisdom and compassion she provided was the guiding force I needed to shift my behaviors.
The best word to describe my Higher Health experience is transformative.  I can’t recommend it enough.

Thank you, thank you for such an amazing experience…