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Higher Health Course

Are you struggling with your health or an injury that just won’t heal?

Similarly, do you suffer from anxiety, worry, or feel overwhelmed?

Do you look in the mirror and feel upset at the weight that has accumulated there leaving you feeling self-conscious and embarrassed?

Do you ever think, “Getting Old Sucks.” or “I just can’t do what I used to be able to do.” or “I don’t have enough time.”?

 I bet you are taking care of other people, struggling to hold it all together (including your health) and not taking the best care of you.

Higher Health cures overwhelm
Get energy with Higher Health

Alternately, imagine waking up feeling energetic and rejuvenated?

Just picture it now you healing your body,  reaching your ideal weight, and feeling vibrant & alive.  Absolutely, the Higher Health Course can take you there.

Higher Health - Feel Vibrant

Importantly, I can guide you on a Higher path.

Furthermore, if you don’t take care of you, you will lose your health and your passion for life,  and consequentially not be able to take care of those you love.  

Maybe now you even wonder who you are and what your purpose is on the planet as you push through life feeling lost.  

If you relate to any of the above then take action now to save your health in your body, mind, emotions, and soul.  You do not have to suffer anymore.  Moreover, in Higher Health, you are going on a ride to the top of your health beyond where you even know is possible.


Undoubtably, I have just the thing for you.  Let me guide you into Higher Health.  Particularly, what you learn here will uplift the quality of your life!!!  

Without a doubt, you do this work and I  will guarantee it or you get your money back!

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“Winslow’s course was amazing for me. It was a gateway to living the rest of my life more consciously, more fully, with less fear, with more honest toward myself, more joy and love, and much more ease.” – Vonni


What I realized is that I have learned so much and evolved so quickly that it is hard to remember where I was, what feels normal now was not even an idea or hope when I started!  I realized how hard growth is to quantify unless you really take the time to look.  So, thank you!  Like so many parts of this course you have gently guided me into personal growth by getting me to go deeper than I would choose to do on my own…  – LauraRead More

Emily’s Testimony


Likely, you are confused about What to Eat.  I have a Free ‘What to Eat’ Guideline for you.  Set up a Strategy session with me and I will send you an ebook.  In addition, I will give you a Free Morning Routine Guideline checklist as well!  Just mention it in the email. 

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This is a Dynamic 12-week course designed to stop the loss of your health and wellness now, and to jumpstart you into Higher Health & Happiness!

Here are some benefits:

  1. Feel alive, light, and free
  2. Have more energy
  3. Gain freedom in your body
  4. Sleep better
  5. Maximize your nutrition for your body & mind
  6. Increase your clarity, focus, & peace
  7. Gain tools to manage stress & feel at ease
  8. Develop consistent daily habits to lose weight & feel great
  9. Learn exercise strategies for maximum energy & optimal fitness
  10. Connect with the daily and seasonal flows of Nature so your body can heal itself
  11. Improve your relationships
  12. Mentally shift to a space of feeling happy and abundant
  13. Learn how to channel your emotions to serve you well instead of sabotaging you
  14. Create a powerful morning routine that sets you up for success all-day
  15. Design an evening routine for health, healing, and deep sleep

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Course Details: 

  • You will learn 10 Powerful Ayurveda Habits in 12 weeks with weekly educational videos & slideshows 
  • 2 bonus weeks at the beginning and end of the course – 12 weeks total 
  • Weekly group phone calls- time & day are determined by the group and recorded so you can listen anytime.  Participants say this is the most powerful part of the course! 
  • 60 min Strategy Session to define your goals – Required before enrollment to see if you qualify 
  • 1-1 Follow up call at the end to guide you into continuing to manifest your deepest desires
  • Course Materials – VHE Binder information and workbook will be mailed to you
  • Bonus Workout, Meditation, and Workshop videos and/or audios 
  • Online Group Forum – 70% more likely to succeed in a group 
  • Accountability Partner – 70% more likely to succeed with accountability 
  • Unlimited Access to me through forum & email 
  • 4 Laser Coaching calls of 15 min each with me throughout the course!

Why you should Invest in your Higher health and evolution!

Let me address the common concerns:

  1.  “I don’t have enough time.”

    • If this is your concern, you are not alone.  Most people feel rushed and overwhelmed.  I sure did before I learned these skills.  In fact, I was completely sleep-deprived and felt like I didn’t have time to brush my teeth or shower while managing a 1 yr. old.  Definitely, I get what it is like to be busy and overwhelmed.  Never the less, I am so glad I carved out time for this learning as it has completely transformed my life.

    • Unquestionably, I will help you shift your habits to support a better lifestyle so that you are operating from peace and clarity instead of feeling overwhelmed.  ‘I have the perfect amount of time.’  can become your new mindset.

    • Deb from New York lives a busy life in the finance world where stress can be high.  She just didn’t think she had enough time to do this work.  A few weeks ago after completing her Higher Health Course, she called and said,  “I am so glad you pushed me to do this course.  Thankfully, I have learned so much and now have tools now to manage stress.  Absolutely, I see the importance of this work.  Now, I am going to do your continuation program because I totally get the value this has in my life.”.

  2. When are you going to have time for this?

    • Will you ever have time for you and your health?  Tell me when are you planning to drop the weight, lower stress, exercise, etc?  Now is the time!!  We will never have time for us and our personal wellbeing unless we make time.  Believe me, I have been there.  I was anxious and overwhelmed before I learned these habits.  I am so grateful these practices came to me.  Consequentially, I feel so amazing now.

    • We are never done learning.  So, yes, take the time now to learn how to have a healthy body.  You will uplift your whole family and share with them the gift of health and peace.

    • This course requires about 3-5 hours a week.  Some of this time can be listening to the audios while driving, walking, or doing laundry.  At a minimum, you should plan on 1.5 hr to be on the call or listen to the recording.

    • Are you worth 3 hr a week?

  3. “I don’t have enough money.”

    •  You can see that it is easy to be in a ‘not enough’ mindset.  If these two beliefs come up for you, it is time to shift some limiting beliefs.  I will teach you how.

    • I read an article the other day about a woman with cancer.  The only drug that worked for her cost $17,000 a month.  Who can afford that?   Poor health cost us a ton!  So how much does it cost you to not be well?  How much does disease or illness cost?

    • In the US we spend $10,000+/yr on health care.  It cost the US workforce 5.7 B/yr on sick days. Being unhealthy, stressed, or holding onto extra pounds will lead you to disease.  It cost us a lot!

    • You suffer a great deal every day not to be living as your best self, in touch with your deeper purpose and gifts, and not feeling energetic and alive.  We are living longer these days but are expected to have 10+ of those years in illness or disability.  We spend loads of money on medications/doctors/surgeries/etc..

    • Ill health takes years from our lives and quality from our everyday moments.   It cost us happiness, clarity, focus, peace, and deep connection with others.  If we are not healthy we can not do what we love to do.  When you are healthy the benefits will far surpass the cost of investing in your wellbeing.  It is the best investment you can ever make.

You are totally worth it!

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This is a group program designed to help you create lifelong habits of wellness to thrive in your body, mind, & soul!!!  In a few words, I guide people to greater levels of happiness & health.  Most relevantly, you will shift to a new level of thriving and find balance within your being.  Furthermore, you will learn how to achieve your natural body weight and feel great, how to heal your body, as well as how to be fulfilled in life.  

More Testimonials:

I highly recommend the Higher Health course. If you is interested in learning how to successfully change old habits to improve your health, this course is for you. I really liked the focus on learning how to change habits and replace negative behaviors. – Dan

I loved how Winslow presented the course in “bite-size” pieces. Instead of changing my entire diet, I set a goal to shop and make one different meal a week. This made things manageable and I was able to build upon small successes.
I enjoyed the meditation section the most and am embracing the freedom in just letting go. Thanks Winslow! – Jennifer


What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is 5000yr old medicine defined as the “Art of Living’,  it helps us connect to the daily and seasonal rhythms of nature around and inside of us.  In the long run, this is a practice of finding a balance so you can reach your optimal state of functioning.   Most importantly, these habits will help you live a more vibrant, energetic, and peaceful life.


Why a Group Program?

People learn more, push themselves more and grow faster in a group setting.  In addition, 83% of people who set goals with someone else found themselves more successful in their efforts.   Furthermore, the power of the group helps to motivate you and hold you accountable.  One stick is easy to break.  Many sticks together are unbreakable!

Certainly, Accountability is the #1 VHE Philosophy that when embodied gives you so much Power and Freedom in your life.  This, along with the other 9 philosophies, will guide you into your highest potential.  Furthermore, we learn from each other.  Indeed, you will hear stories to inspire you, and you will inspire others.  Moreover, you will find that others are experiencing or have experienced similar challenges to you.


1-1 private sessions for Higher Health are available too if that suits you better.

contact me:  winslowpassey@gmail.com

You know that thing you’ve been putting off?  For years?  “When I have more time, I’ll…”,  for me it was meditation.  I have anxiety, and I know about all the research showing how much meditation can help.  For 25 years I have thought, “Soon I will start meditating.” But on my own I just never made it happen.  This is a course which will help you make it happen, whatever “it” is. – Dede

Habit Change:

Most importantly, you will learn skills to change habits based on habit science and how the brain works.  We all know things that would be healthier for us to do, and we don’t do them.  Why is that? Science says that 70-95% of what we do is a habit.  Therefore, learning how to integrate new habits is a science.  I will teach you how!  Absolutely, we will dive deep into Habit Change Strategies so that you can totally win at this game.

Good habits = Higher Health
Higher Health, Habit change is science.


Nutrition & Stress:

Obviously, since we eat 3 times a day, shouldn’t we spend more than 8 hr a year learning about how to have a body in school?  Unfortunately, there is not much training on nutrition, healthy habits and stress reduction in medical school, college or high school.

Food is medicine! Or poison! Depending on if we can digest it.  Most noteworthy is that our digestion shuts down with stress!   So you can imagine how connected the mind and emotions are for good digestion and absorption of nutrients. More on that later, for now, you can ask,

‘Firstly, Is there room for me to….grow, learn, improve, expand, and feel better???’  Secondly, how do I love my morning routine?  Finally, do I want more peace, better health, and longevity?

The Best Investment you can ever make:

What stands in your way of this journey into higher health?

Time, Money, Worry, Doubt…?  These are the things that hold us back in life.  Most definitely, I have had these stresses.  However, on this journey, I am overcoming limiting beliefs every direction I turn!  Henceforth, when I see something of value I want,  I find a way to make it happen.  Most significantly, if your heart is moved and you feel a yearning to go deeper, learn more, and truly function at your highest level, then you must choose to invest in yourself.  Without a doubt, it is the best investment you can make.

I love this article with Warren Buffet’s advise!

‘Warren Buffett is considered to be one of the greatest investors that has ever lived and is consistently ranked among the wealthiest people in the world with a net-worth north of $72 billion. He is well known for his commitment to value investing, and when he gives recommendations, people listen.’

Interestingly, he says, “Go all-in on this amazing asset and you will see returns beyond anything you could dream of.  Invest in as much of yourself as you can.  You are your own biggest asset by far!”


Finally, I am looking for super motivated people who are excited for growth and change.  Transformation happens when you jump in with both feet!


Act now to take advantage of a free strategy session to talk more deeply about your health goals, please click above to set up a time. –   or email me:  winslowpassey@gmail.com


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More Testimonials from my Higher Health Course Students:

(I ask for 3 sentences!  Haha!  Growth happens!!)


Winslow’s Higher Health course was amazing for me. It was a gateway to living the rest of my life more consciously, more fully, with less fear, more honest to myself, more joy and love, and much more ease.

My ability to handle stressful situations has increased tremendously, I am more patient, my responses are more thoughtful and sometimes not at all, and I have tapped into more inner strength and even deeper awareness.

I am so grateful to be encouraged by Winslow to dive into self-care. I realized I had not been taking very good care of myself at all. Clearly, I knew with three kids to take care of I had not been putting myself first for sure but Winslow helped me realize that even before children I had not given myself enough love and attention. Interestingly, I’d never really learned how to care deeply for myself.

This change is amazing. My relationships have improved and I know they will continue on this path, I am much less sensitive to what others say, my days are much more productive, I feel at ease and I know how to help myself when I don’t, and I am living much more in the ‘Now’, at the moment, I have met my goals to be more open, improve my complexion, have more energy, improve my ability to fall asleep, and be more honest with myself.

I feel many more possibilities can present themselves and I will see them. Thank you, Winslow, I am looking forward to more. – Vonni


What I realized, in Higher Health, is that I have learned so much and evolved so quickly that it is hard to remember where I was, what feels normal now was not even an idea or hope when I started!  I realized how hard growth is to quantify unless you really take the time to look.  So, thank you!  Like so many parts of this course you have gently guided me into personal growth by getting me to go deeper than I would choose to do on my own…Laura – Read More


My personal experience with the Higher Health course has been transforming. I set an intention before taking the course that I wanted to support my personal growth to find my true life purpose. I have been exploring living more authentically and with an open heart. Winslow has an amazing ability to listen, support, explore, educate, and inspire

The Higher Health course has made such a difference in my health and life even in these past few months. – …. – Read More



I highly recommend the higher Health course. If anyone is interested in learning how to successfully change old habits to improve their health, this course is for you. I really liked the focus on learning how to change habits and replace negative behaviors. Most relevantly, while many of the habits that the class targets are common healthy living activities that are covered in other diets and programs, the Higher Health course approaches these habits in a holistic manner.. – Dan Read More 


–I learned how to look at my body and evaluate what was going on inside it and how to make it better. Through that, I discovered that I have IBS and have been able to work towards treatment – ChloeRead More

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Now is the Time to Lose Weight & Feel Great!  

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