Sharing with you from a place of love!
Sharing with you from a place of love!


Life can be transformative, and I am happy to dive in with heart and soul.  Transitional times are interesting with there ebbs and flows.  I had my son Bodhi in 2013.  Being a mom has inspired me to be a better person.  It seems there are many signs pointing me in new directions so here I go.  I am on a  journey as a Yoga Health Coach.  To me what this means is that I get to dive into my most hidden corners of my mind and reform my thoughts so that I can create the reality I want and live from a place of joy and gratitude.  So stick around and I will share what I have learned and continue learning with you.  It is truly as inspiring as climbing mountains around the world!

In 2016 I became certified as a Yoga Health coach through Cate Stallman at yogahealer.com.  What a cool experience.  Here is a blog where I talk about the meaningfulness of this journey in so many ways.  I have found a depth of joy I never knew was possible!

As a mountain guide, I have been sharing yoga with people in a mountain setting for years now leading yoga ski trips, yoga rock climbing adventures, and teaching yoga whenever I can on mountaineering trips around the world in places like Denali, Nepal, Indonesia, and locally here in Utah.  I started doing yoga 14 years ago after I had been guiding for several years.  It has helped me save my body from the pounding I was imposing on it carrying heavy packs and climbing up mountains.  Through yoga I have learned how to listen to my body, how to breath more fully, and how to calm my mind in a way that makes everything I do in life more vibrant.

 I did my first yoga training in Nepal, which was a 200hr intensive month long training through Sapta Yoga International.  I went into the training directly after guiding a 3 week trip over there where I had worked myself into a very painful back problem.  I was hoping to heal it in the training and gratefully it worked.  Where I could not bend over or move my back at all in the beginning, by the end I could fold myself in half and had more flexibility than ever in my life.  I realized the power we have to heal our own bodies with yoga, nutrition, and meditation.
I have since participated in Anusara training including Immersion 1,2, and 3 and Teacher Trainings 1 and 2.   I feel grateful to have learned very specific alignment techniques to teach while weaving in a heart theme into each class.   I also participated in an 85hr Prenatal Yoga Teacher training.    It is a transformative time for me in body, mind and soul.  Yoga helps make this transformation more beautiful and special.
Yoga has shaped in changed my life in so many ways, I hope to share more stories with you.  I practice embodying the greatest love and seeing the highest in myself and others!  Namaste to you all!!  It is really a journey into deeper self love.  From this place anything is possible!

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Amanda Hastings

Jun 13, 2013 at 3:42 AM

Hello Winslow, I enjoyed reading your bio. What a beautiful story. I’m interested in talking to you about your yoga and in particular the prenatal yoga training you just completed. I started doing yoga 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my baby and it has since changed my life. I practiced throughout my pregnancy and I believe it really helped me create a beautiful birth. I’ve since become a doula and would like to add a prenatal yoga certification as well. Where did you receive this certification? I’d love hear about your experience with this! I’m located in Salt Lake City and would love to connect or talk sometime. Looking forward to your reply! Namaste xo

Winslow Passey

Nov 09, 2013 at 7:23 PM

Love to connect with you about this. I think practicing yoga was so good for me in my pregnancy too. What a powerful way to connect and prepare. I did my training in Boulder at a place called Yo Mama from two amazing ladies Katie and Kirsten. They have a level 1 & 2. Each are four days long. I was so glad to do both. Feel free to call me. Love to chat. Email me your number. Winslowpassey@gmail.com

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