Time Warrior – Steve Chandler

Yesterday on the trampoline, I had a great 4 hr play session with Bodhi (my 6 yr old) that was really fun. Interestingly, it went so well, because I was totally present. With relief, I was not spinning in my mind, thinking of my to-do list, or rushing to the next thing like I used to be before I learned these habits. In fact, I was a time warrior devoted to quality time with him.  Absolutely, I was enjoying every moment of his creative, giggly, and playful energy.  What a treat.  Most importantly, you can get there too.  Just keep the ball moving in an exploratory and curious learning direction.  I can help you.  There is no greater gift than the ability to be present right here, right now.  Curiously, do you do it?   

5111581299_8187c5c367_o:  by Winslow Passey

I love this book, Time Warrior by Steve Chandler.  I highly recommend it.  For those who want some cliff notes and highlights, I have put this together for you.

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For more on Expanding Time, See this article on cutivating this belief, “I have the perfect amount of time.”  It is the only story I tell about time now.


Want to Defeat Procrastination, People Pleasing and Chaos?  Use these tips to conquer them all.  

Learn to track style not time.  Slowing time way down in your mind means you can rise up and take action now for the future is created at this moment!  Indeed, what can you do in the next 3 minutes?  It is ‘Now or Never’ or you canm put it in a time capsule into your calendar and create undisturbed space for it.  Most relevantly, get it out of your mind so your mind can be clear.  Don’t keep a tapeworm of undone stuff coming out of your brain!

Tip #1: Time can expand if your mind is not flooded with ideas

from Zen to Done by Leo Babauta

Use a capture tool to immediately write down ideas as they come through your brain.  Time expands when the mind is clear.  Most importantly, get it out of your brain and record it.  Use a small notebook and pencil, ‘Notes’ on your phone, or an app like Wunderlist to make a record.  Then, once a day review it and do them now or add these to your calendar so they have a place.  

Excitingly, now you can enjoy joyful creation with a clear and empty mind.

Similarly, if you open an email you deal with it then!  Keep your inbox clean!  It is a great game to do it now!!!  Rise up, don’t postpone, do it now!

Be a warrior of your Time


“As a warrior (not worrier) I will wake up an create my day based on how I prefer to serve this world!”                           – Steve Chandler, Time Warrior

“ A warrior is an average person with laser-like focus.” – Bruce Lee

“To know what you prefer, instead of saying ‘Amen’ to what the world tells you to prefer, is to have kept your soul alive.”  -Robert Lewis Stevenson

Tip #2:  Save time & energy when you Serve instead of Please others:

Time Stress
Expand time


Undoubtedly, pleasing others is the big waste of our time, as it is essentially impossible.  Aim to Serve not to please.

“God spare me from the desire for love, approval, and appreciation.  This would be my one prayer because the answer to this prayer brings the end of time and space.”  -Byron Katie

What is left when there is no time and space?

“It’s the energy of pure unlimited mind, set free in all its power and goodness.” – Byron Katie


Tip # 3:  Have a Time Warrior Mindset

A warrior sees everything as a challenge, a project and a gift.  Instantly, there is no bad, there is no victim!   Consider that perception is an illusion, overwhelm is an illusion!!!  Therefore, in life, if you only do what is right in front of you then there can be no overwhelm!  Overwhelm is our fear of the future!  Conversely, it is diminished by taking action now!

Truly, to know one’s self is the greatest knowledge.  What are your perceptions and beliefs that create your fears, anger, or depression?  Know this and then choose opportunity instead. Through understanding our emotions we can find resolution naturally.  Listen deeply to your own thoughts and feelings. We all know who is responsible for life as it is today.  We all know who is the owner of the outcomes we have now!

Rain is neither good or bad, it is only our perception and beliefs that make it so!

Tip #4:  Stop Stopping! Stay focused. 

Devoted time is your war against distraction!

No problem can withstand the assault of sustained thinking.  – Voltaire

So, stop stopping!!!   Curiously see what distracts you: phone, text, beeping, facebook, people, etc.  – I look, and I stop!  Whether you are learning piano, a foreign language, to love, to be healthy, to heal, or anything else.  Unquestionably, if you have a desire to achieve something, then you must keep going.

Thomas Edison tried 1000 (or 10,000 depending on the quote) times before inventing the light bulb.  When he was asked what if felt like to fail 1000 times, he said,

“I didn’t fail a 1000 times, the light bulb was invented with 1000 steps.”. 

Stop Stopping!
Keep moving forward

If you didn’t stop where would you be?  We fail because we stop!

Furthermore, 1hr of uninterrupted time is worth 3hr of interrupted time.  How effective a swordsman will you be before you start your day?  You must keep going, and have focused time.

We are going so fast that we can’t here the universe whispering to us.  What is it saying?  

‘Yes.  Yes to whatever we want!’

Here is an example: Rocky Marciano excluded himself before a fight to have pure concentration! (no mail, no computer, no phone, etc.)  He was never defeated!


In conclusion, consider that you start new each day and you create it all.  Therefore, what are the quality and the focus of your day today?  Is it in alignment with your deepest desires?  Have you eliminated distractions?  Is your mind clear?

Tip #5:  Understand your mind and your emotions

Even dramatic situations like bankruptcy, death, divorce, etc.  It is only our perception that creates emotion.  So please, start to listen to your internal stories.  There are two parts to success here.  First is to listen to your emotions and ask them what they need.  Second, is to understand your mind, thoughts, and beliefs and weed out the ones that are not serving you.  The mind can spin down a negative spiral.

Situations don’t cause feelings!!!  Even dramatic situations don’t cause a feeling of any kind until the brain produces an interpretation of it and we believe it.  It is our thoughts about something that create feelings no matter what the situation.  Our feelings are here to guide us, alert us, and help us hold boundaries.  They can only do that if we listen and understand them.

Comically, we scare ourselves to death in our minds.  It’s our thoughts that overwhelm us.  Conversely, true fear is useful, it keeps us alive, alert, and focused.  Unjustified or not understood fear consumes us and keeps us stuck.

Pessimism is a laughable absurdity!  We have great resources today, but we nurse resentments.  This shuts us down and hides who we really are.  Then we get out of action and get stuck!

Take the story of Deuce Lutui, The Best Defensive Lineman in NFL who at one point was overweight, sunken, and slacking on the job.  Until one day he made an internal commitment.  He declared he was the ‘The Best Defensive Lineman in the NFL’.  Impressively, he declared to himself, “I am” and held this belief powerfully.   His commitment was internal, not external so it did not depend on any external factor or circumstance for him to begin playing and living as TBDL.  It was totally up to him not others.  It was already in him, in his heart!  He indeed met that goal.

Tips 6-10 are on another Blog here for you.  Soak these in, create something new, and then learn more.

If you are feeling anxious or overwhelmed, please check out the

Higher Health Course here.  

It can change your life.  

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