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Vibrant Health Evolution – Fall Cleanse Time


Eat well
Nutrient-Rich foods = Higher Health &  Abundant Energy

Fall is the perfect time to reset and cleanse your body.  You change the oil and filter in your car every periodically, don’t you?  Do you take better care of your car than your body?  Your liver is your filter, it grabs onto all the viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, antibiotics, preservatives, chemicals, and fats and flushes them out or stores them away to protect you.  Fascinatingly, you do this for your car periodically so it will run well and last a long time, right?  Well, your body needs a cleanse to run well and last a long time too.  YOUR LIVER NEEDS this fall cleanse so it can keep you feeling healthy, energetic, and well.

Ayurveda Medicine recommends we cleanse twice a year to give our liver a chance to detox and reset.  We are all exposed to so many toxins in our environment, in the air, in our water, and in food.  There are chemicals we have in our own homes like our scented candles, our lotions, our cleaning products, our carpets, and our laundry detergents.  Our processed foods are loaded with preservatives, salts, and chemicals.  Toxins are everywhere.

Give your LIVER a big thank you because it works it’s butt off to take care of you, clearing these things out of your blood and then stores them in the liver to keep you safe.  However, it can only take so much.  Did I mention Adrenaline?  Interestingly, adrenaline floods your body when you are stressed and in excess causes so much damage.  The liver tries to rescue you soaking it up and storing it away.  Therefore if you are constantly stressed, you need this cleanse.  If you eat fat, processed foods, meats, dairy, gluten, and corn, please do this Fall Cleanse for your liver.  Do it so you can maintain your healthy active lifestyle.  This fall cleanse can help you heal, increase your energy, improve your sleep, and your mood.


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10 benefits to doing a Fall Cleanse

  1. Give your Liver a break so that it can keep you safe from illness and disease
  2. Improve your mood and energy
  3. Lose weight and feel great
  4. Get rid of toxins so that you are stronger and healthier
  5. Boost your immune system to avoid getting sick
  6. Improve your sleep
  7. Learn how to take care of your body
  8. Learn about toxins to avoid
  9. Reduce your stress and learn tools to deal with stress
  10. Improve your health and longevity
who is going to stop you
You have control

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October 22nd – Set up call 6 pm MT

October 29th – Follow up call 6 pm MT

These calls are recorded in case you can not make the group live call.  You can start your cleanse at any time.  You may need a day or two to prepare yourself.  The follow-up call may be in the middle of your cleanse and is there to support you.

There is an online forum to ask questions and get support during the cleanse.

The cleanse includes:

  1.  2 group calls
  2. You will learn the Vibrant Health Evolution Philosophies and Core Values that improve the quality of your life and energy
  3. Online forum
  4. Ebook with cleansing guidelines, What to Eat Guidelines, and Recipes
  5. Education on toxins to look out for
  6. Affirmations recording

Bonus materials:

You will also receive a Morning Routine Checklist as well as a free Strategy Session with me ($199 value) if you desire to discuss your health challenges and goals.


$97 per person

If you find a partner to join you, you can get a

2 for 1 deal

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