It’s time to take charge of your health.

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Use these top 5 tips to improve in the realms of Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Health now to prevent losing your health and vitality.


1.  Drink lemon water – your health & vitality are dependent on detoxing the liver and cleansing the blood.  Lemon is high in vitamin C and Calcium as well.
2.  Drink 16oz of celery juice on an empty stomach every morning. Restores your stomach acids, fights bacteria and viruses, restores the liver, the blood and the brain with its unique sodium cluster salts.  Great for hydration and recovery.  Must be taken alone on an empty stomach.  Give it 30 minutes to work.  Use a juicer.  Read more here from Anthony Williams
3.  Drink a smoothie daily.  This is a great way to get a massive blast of nutrients. See recipes below.
4.  Eat nutrient-dense foods like fruits and vegetables while decreasing processed foods, fats, and animal products.
5.  Exercise daily.  Start with 1 minute and build up to 20+ minutes every morning.  Alternate easy, moderate, and hard.  Weights, Cardio, and Flexibility training are all important.


1.  Be aware of your thought patterns.  You can replace negative or unsupportive thoughts by repeating a better feeling thought over and over especially before bed and upon first waking.
2.  Manage your Adrenaline.  Most of us are addicted to adrenaline and stay in a stress response continually from worrying about things, to rushing around, to drinking caffeine we keep an adrenaline flow going.  This is so hard on all the organs and will take life off your years, and years off your life.  Catch the response and have tools to shift at your fingertips.  Practice until you get good at shifting and it happens naturally.  See a practice below.
3.  Listen to your emotions.  Ask them what they need.  Understand their origin.  Neglected emotions lead us to physical aliments or unhelpful habits like eating or watching tv.
4.  Meditate daily.  Start with one minute of just sitting still.  “To sit is to know.”
5.  Practice gratitude.  This is the most powerful healing state.  Practice it every morning and evening, before meals while your driving and while doing dishes.  Come to this state often.  Keep a journal by your bed and write 3 things you are grateful for each night before bed.


1.  Meditate – have a deep connection in a moment of silence each day.
2.  Watch a sunrise or sunset
3.  Spend time in nature – nature is healing
4.  Journal – start with 1 minute a day, let your soul speak to you, listen to your emotions
5.  Smile – smiling releases happy hormones and uplifts others as well

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You are on your way to greater Health and Vitality!


Winslow’s Family Detox Smoothies: 


I make 3 versions each morning for my son, Bodhi (6yr old), my husband and them me.  Here is how it shakes out:

Bodhi version: 
Frozen fruit to fill the blender 2/3 full
Wild Blueberries – wild have a lot more benefits than regular blueberries – frozen
Pineapple – frozen
Watermelon – frozen chunks or fresh (optional)
Honey – 2 tbsp
Dates – 4-5
Greens – dandelion & echinacea are what I get from my garden, spinach or other greens are fine too.  Small handful

Todd version: 
Add to the above mix:
More greens
Cilantro – 1/3 a bunch
Ginger Root – thumbnail size
Turmeric Root – thumbnail size

Winslow version: 
Add to the above smoothie 2 tbsp of this detox mix of powders (buy all 4 on Amazon or elsewhere and mix into a jar and keep near your blender:
Barley Grass Juice Powder
Dulse seaweed flakes
Chaga Mushroom powder
I drink 1-1.5 L in the morning. ​

Manage Your Adrenaline Exercise: 

1. Be aware of when a stress response is arising and what it feels like in your body.
2.  Pause and take 3 deep breaths
3.  Feel, Soften and Melt
4.  Bring in a positive affirmation like:
“I can handle anything that comes my way.”
“I am calm.”
“I am so grateful.”
5.  Understand the emotion and from this place of calmness move toward resolution.  Ask for what you need.

Have a great day!
Lots of love,

Sign up now for a Free Strategy Session and see if you qualify for the upcoming Higher Health Course.