‘Freedom, What’s it all about? Does it hold us in or let us out?’

-(From a song by HankVegas)

First of all, it is so important for your health to ponder what Freedom means to you and how you can achieve such a state.  Philosophers for centuries have spoken about it, our country is founded on it, it is inherent in our being, and yet…

Do You Feel Free?

Are you caught up in the rat race of life feeling overwhelmed and anxious?

Do you yell at y0ur loved ones?  Frustratingly, are you carrying unwanted weight?

Furthermore, we are always reaching for something just beyond us.

The carrot is dangling.  Consequentially, we think, ‘when I lose weight I will feel free, when I get this job or make this money, then I will be free, when the kids are out of the house, or when things slow down, then…’

What if you were to really follow your souls calling?

What if you gave yourself permission to really be who you are.  Have you listened deeply yet to know who you are?  In order to listen to our Souls’ calling, we need to gain a base level of Health, Balance, and Freedom.  Then, we can LISTEN.   Be still, spend time in nature, shut up for a minute, and listen, and above all, just FEEL.

Time Flys!

Have you ever said, “I don’t have enough time?”?  Perhaps you say it many times a day? Understandably, it is easy to be bogged down by news, illness, injury, disease, competitiveness, pleasing others, or overwhelm.  It happens.  I am here to guide you in a different direction, so you can discover you and your unique offering to this world.   Recognize that your suffering is your greatest teacher.  Your emotions are your guide.  Most importantly, now is the time to take charge of your health.

…And, it will come as the tickling of a feather or as a sledgehammer depending on how closely you listen.

You are already FREE.  You have it all.

We get trapped in old thought patterns, beliefs, and habits.  Are you currently on a learning journey?  If not, what are you waiting for?  There is Freedom knocking at your door, begging you to take hold.

Here are some tips to Feel Free in your life:

  1.  Eat well:

    • Eat foods with as many nutrients as possible.  This means fruits and veggies.  They are the most powerful foods for our bodies.  A body that is light and well-nourished feels Strong, Powerful, and FREE. (email me to get your free – What to Eat Guideline – winslowpassey@gmail.com)
    • In the store buying groceries, there was a sweet confused soul in front of me in the grocery line who was carrying the weight of the world.  We all have the freedom to choose what foods to eat, but do these foods really bring us Freedom? Do they set us Free?
    • This man weighed probably 300+ lbs and my heart ached for him and the struggle of carrying that burden.  He purchased a gallon of milk – (high fat, hormones, antibiotics), 2 bags of Blow-pops (sugar, hydrogenated oil), chicken (high fat – all meat is high fat, hormones, antibiotics, toxins), Gatorade -(sugar), and Pizza – (high fat).  There is no nutrition in any of this food though he may believe there are good electrolytes in the Gatorade, and protein in the meat, and calcium in the dairy, and tomatoes in the pizza?  The truth is that we are confused about What to Eat.
    • Obviously, you can choose What to Eat, yet is that bringing you Freedom?  If you are overweight does that feel FREE?
    • Did you know that studies show that switching to a Plant-Based diet can prevent 80% of heart disease and cancer?  That means reducing/eliminating animal products.  Furthermore, it helps you lose weight and feel great.
    • If you set a hard line not to eat unhealthy foods, and choose to eat nutrient0dense vibrant foods like fruits and veggies, these will bring you Higher Health and thus freedom inyour body and mind.


  • Below are my groceries for the week.

  • It always looks this good.  This is what we eat!  Importantly, I don’t want to have a single meal that doesn’t offer me the very highest nutrients and energy that I can get.  But hey, I have been working at this for a while.  Clearly, it’s my passion.  It should be noted that it all started with a deep desire to heal my body, which I have done with food and the Vibrant Health Evolution habits and philosophies (like Freedom- philosophy #3).
  • I choose to eat this way because it gives me Higher Health and so much Freedom in my body, mind, and spirit. 


2.  Hydrate: 

It is estimated that 75% of people are chronically dehydrated.  Do you have a clue how much energy and health you lose being dehydrated?  Consider this: when we are dehydrated the blood becomes thick and sluggish.  It is then harder for the heart to pump the blood causes the heart to overwork and you lose vitality.  The blood becomes toxic too creating strain for the liver and all systems.  You become slow and dumb!  That’s right, you lose your cognitive power too.

In one study at schools they gave one group water before a test, and the other no water.  The group who drank water scored higher on the test.

It’s simple.  Drink more water.  Better yet, add lemon to your water.  This makes it more absorbable into the cells, it gives you electrolytes & minerals, and it helps detox the liver.  Your body will thrive.  Even better, drink lemon water when you first wake up and before bed.

You will feel more Freedom in your Body when it is hydrated! Stop losing your Vitality today. 

3.  Exercise

You know it.  We all know we need it.  Importantly, are you doing it daily?  Do you have it into your morning routine?  Because you really need this to thrive.  Maybe you have gained weight and feel resistant to moving.  It is embarrassing, your clothes don’t fit, you don’t like the way you look, so you can’t get this going?  I get it.  I am here to help you Get It Going!  Start small, even if for one minute a day, and commit as your life depends on it.  Add a minute each week.  Get a Higher Health Coach to hold you accountable because it is hard to do it on your own.   You can stop losing your confidence and start feeling strong and powerful today.

 A Strong Healthy Body = Freedom

4. Sun, Rest, Nature & Play

Isn’t it time to really take care of you?  Get enough sleep, Create space for Rest, Spend Time in Nature, and Play!  You may think you don’t have time for all this and that these are just bonuses in life.  Wrong!

What you don’t have time for is Cancer, Diabetes, Injuries, Heart Disease, and Illness.  You don’t have time to feel sluggish, overworked, overwhelmed, strung out and irritable.  Who are you serving from this state?  Not to mention, that you don’t have time to lose years off your life.  The people around you love you and need you to be your best healthiest self.  Now is the time that you must find Balance in your life so you can feel Free.

  • Sun

    • We need sun for the release of every vitamin in our bodies, for our vitality, and for good sleep at night.  – aim for 15-3o min/day,
  • Rest

    • you need 7.5-8.5 hr/day.  It will heal you and help you lose weight.  Sleeping and losing weight will keep you from losing your Freedom.  Being tired all the time is not Freedom.  Being overweight is surely not Freedom.  They suck.
  • Nature

    • Nature is nourishing and healing.  Science can measure how powerful it is to spend time in nature.  It calms your central nervous system.  It increases your Creativity.   When you can relax, you can drop the weight of the world more easily.  You gain clarity and focus.  So take a break and get outside.
  • Play

    • Play is so important to nourish your soul.  Through play we have the most creative ideas come to us.  We get unstuck.  Make time to Play every day.  Seriously, you get to put Play on your To Do List today.

“The Best gift you can give the world is a Healthy Vibrant You.”


5.  Channel Your Emotions:

We lose so much energy trying not to feel our emotions.  How do you distract? Do you eat, use drugs or alcohol, get on your phone, shop, isolate, yell, or use other behaviors to distract you from your emotions?  You will then stay stuck in repeating old patterns that exhaust you stealing away your freedom.

I am here to tell you that every emotion is so powerful and important and that there is a way for you to listen, understand, and channel your emotions into any number of productive behaviors other than ignoring, shutting down, eating, or lashing out at others.

It is your responsibility to learn how to do this well.  You get to completely shift your mindset here so that you can be a free-flowing being.  Then you can stop losing your Freedom.  Furthermore, you will need a guide.  I can show you how.

Try this:  

Deeply feel and listen the next time you feel sadness, fear, or anger.  What does it feel like and what does it need?  Relevantly, can you see it as a gift and a teacher?

Ponder this:

Fear is trying to protect you and helps you be more alert and focused.  It helps you prepare for something coming up.

Congruently, Anger helps you know when your boundaries have been crossed.  Use that energy to establish clear boundaries and ask for what you need.

Sadness helps you ground and let go.  Your tears are like a river going back into the earth.  Even more, it helps you release.

Every emotion helps you move something in some way.


I love and recommend this book:     The Language of Emotions by Karla McLaren


These are a handful of the tools I use to have more Freedom in my life.

If you want to stop losing your Freedom and Health today, then email me or text me today at:





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