Did you know that an estimated 75% of people are chronically dehydrated?

Are you?  Have you ever felt sluggish, tired, or hungry and realize that you are actually needing water?  The same is true for kids.  It is estimated that 75% of kids show up to school dehydrated.  In one study they took two groups of kids and offered one group water before a test and the other did not get that offer.  The kids that had the water scored higher on the test.

So really take these tips to heart.  I challenge you to hydrate well this week and see how you feel.

  1.  Drink water with lemon, lime, orange or grapefruit squeezed into it.  Our water is pretty dead these days with low electrolytes and high in chemicals and perhaps heavy metals.  If you purify your water and then add the above, the water comes to life.  Lemon, lime, etc have loads of minerals, Calcium, vitamin C, and electrolytes.   Your cells will be able to absorb the water more easily.  Use fresh or essential oils to achieve this.  Estimated commitment time:  <5 min

  2. Hydrate in the morning first thing, mid morning, afternoon, late evening:  In the morning, I drink two glasses of lemon water before anything else.  During the day, set an alarm for inbetween meals around 10 and 2 to drink a big glass of water (add citris for better absorbtion).   Have a bottle handy so you can remember to drink and have another before bed.  Signs of dehydration: a headache, tired, bad breath, thirst, foggy, sluggish, stinky pee, dark pee, not peeing often.  In addtion, drinking water 30 minutes before a meal helps hydrate the stomach lining and prepare for digestion.   Hydration is so important because if we are dehydrated then the blood gets thick, sluggish, and toxic.  This strains the heart and the liver.  

    I had one ski guide instructor who after having a heart attack, he told me he linked it to being chronically dehydrated as water is heavy to carry in the mountains. 

    Estimated commitment time:  <2 minutes

  3. Eat fruit.  Fruit is nothing liked processed sugar as it comes with so many antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and healing powers.  Fruit helps with hydration as well. In addition, it lowers blood pressure, helps with weight loss, reduces our risk of cancer, is good for the brain, and delivers essential glucose and nutrients to the liver.   Estimated commitment time:  No more than it takes to eat a bag of chips.  Take an apple, orange, banana, or whatever you like with you to work, skiing, or wherever you go.

  4. Drink a smoothie for breakfast:  We think we don’t have time for such healthy endeavors, but what we don’t have time for is disease, cancer, and heart attacks.  I love this morning ritual and it feels good to know my boys are getting a blast of nutrients too.  I make one for Bodhi, my 5 yr old, with loads of fruit and a bit of greens.  Then I add some cilantro and ginger to Todd’s (my husband), and then I pack in even more nutrients for me like spirulina, barley greens powder, turmeric root, more cilantro, and lime.  Then I enjoy 2 glasses of that throughout my morning.  Estimated time commitment:  5-10 min.  

  5. Move in the morning and throughout the day:  Did you know that sitting for 3 hours shuts off our fat burning mechanism according to studies, and even with a 30 min workout after work, it doesn’t kick back in?  Movement will help you drink more as well.  

    • Moving in the morning boost your metabolism for the whole day.   Start small and build up, with perhaps just a 3-minute movement in the morning.  A powerful sequence is 1 min of each of these:  push-ups, sit-ups, and squats, or squat jumps.  Do anything you like, just move.  Around here we play tag, and that gets us moving and drinking water.

    • Most relevantly, throughout the day, you could set your alarm for every 60-90 minutes and get up and move a bit.  Do a 1-minute or 3-minute exercise:  Jumping jacks, yoga, hike up some stairs, run in place, etc.  And then, you will be thirsty and get two of these habits down.  Furthermore, this is said to increase your clarity and productivity to take a break like this (as does hydration).  Other suggestions:  get a standing desk or get a bike under the desk.

It is so easy to get out of sync in our fast-paced world and feel overwhelmed, anxious, frustrated, gain weight, and feel low energy.  We are busy.  I can help you get in some routines that help you stay balanced and healthy.  You deserve to feel great and lose weight.  Furthermore, I know you can absolutely have peace, calm, and energy, and that I can help you get there.

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