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If you are like me, you may need a little reset from the sweets and celebrations of the holiday.  As I become more aware, I clearly feel the poisonous effects of sugar, processed foods, snacking, etc. on my body.  I am ready to get my body back in balance.  Therefore, I have created this 7-day detox to share with you.  As I evolve, my deisre for the unhealthy diminishes.  This year my holiday is packed with fruits and veggies.

Would you like to lose weight and feel great?  Why not have 2019 be the most Vibrant Year Ever?  Life is our creation!  So why not have this year be the best one yet.  Your expectation is like a magnet attracting exactly what you believe.  I will help set you up to FEEL GREAT in 2019.


In this week we will cleanse the body, mind, & perhaps home. 

You will rejuvenate your soul! 

I will send you some guidelines and checklist so that you choose what to add and what to eliminate during this week. I will also send you a recommended daily recipes. We will start the week with a group call that is recorded in case you can’t make it. I will check with participants to see what time is best. During the call, I will guide you on how to cleanse your mind and create the most powerful daily affirmations to upgrade your subconscious programming to a space of being unlimited for 2018. Then we will set goals and create a clear picture of what we are wanting. Finally, we will talk about the cleanse and how to do it!

This cleanse is for the body, mind, and soul. It is about transformation. There is a forum to ask questions and share throughout the experience.

You will also receive a morning routine guideline, workouts, and meditations. This cleanse is about deeply nutrifying the body as opposed to depleting it.  Most importantly, we will reduce fats and really give the liver a break.

“Every year gets better!”

That’s my story, and I am sticking to it.  Whatever we think in our minds manifest in our reality.  So deeply listen to your stories.  Let them be so positive and powerful.  See the good all around you.  We get whatever we focus on whether we want it or not.  So ask yourself now, “What do I want?”  Then focus on it with fervor, appreciation, belief, excitement, and love.  There is no way it can not come to you.

“I see only the objective, so the obstacle must give way.” – Napolean

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7-day Detox:

You choose what to eliminate.  You choose what to add.

This detox includes:

  1. An hour-long workshop to guide you in setting up your detox, relaxing into higher health, and setting goals for the new year.  Bring a journal as I will help you outline 2019 to be powerful and vibrant.
  2. Two checklists.  On one checklist you will choose what to eliminate.  On the other, you will choose what to add.  You will base this on what you think will work best for you.
  3. Online forum to ask questions, share your goals, and celebrate your success.
  4. Daily inspirational text.
  5. Eating guidelines and recipes.
  6. Group call at the end to guide you through the next steps to maintaining your health.
  7. Guidelines for shifting limiting beliefs to higher truths.
  8. Morning routine checklist
  9. Philosophies to live by.
  10. Goal setting for 2019

When: January 7 – 14th, 2019

Where: Online, I will send you a dial-in number for the calls.  I will email you the information.  

Why:  To feel great!  To get clear on what you want for 2018!  To feel uplifted and rejuvenated!  To make 2018 the best year yet!  To own your own health and power! 

Investment:  $97 for 2 people, 2 for 1 deal! 

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