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We are creatures of habit.  So let’s develop a habit that rocks our world. As a yoga instructor and a person who wants to be healthy, I have wanted to develop a consistent meditation practice, workout and do yoga daily for years.  Often I could not time to fit it into the day.  Or I would spend a good part of the day anxious about how I was going to get in my exercise, relaxing only after I finally did.  And my meditation was sporadic. When I intentionally followed this formula, I found so much peace and joy from starting my day off with this sequence.  It feels nice to have a set pattern of what to do when I wake up and I look forward to getting up a little earlier to make it happen.

1.  Cleanse and Eliminate (10-20 min)

  • Scrap the tongue – The tongue is a filter for removing toxins so get it clean straight away.  You can find a scrapper at the health food store or online.  Go for the metal one.  The thicker the gunk the more toxins in your body. You can also clean your tongue with your toothbrush.
  • Drink warm water 1-1.5L  to flush out your system.  This will clean out the intestinal track.  Any waste left in there will allow toxins to be reabsorbed throughout the day.  You will feel better getting it all out.  I just use warm tap water.
  • While waiting for the flush, brush teeth, use netti pot if nostrils are clogged, and do some reading of inspiration or intention.

2.  Meditate (5-15min)

  • 5-15 minutes is great.  Check out my blog on meditation for tips on this and references to online tools I like.
  • Be kind to yourself.  This practice is a lifelong tool that helps your memory, your attitude and your ability to think clearly and be happy.

3.  Exercise (10-60 min)

  • You want an energetic practice in the morning to stimulate your metabolism and boost your energy for the whole day.  This can be yoga, circuit type training, or sprints.
  • You can get this in a fast hit in as few as 10-20 minutes.

Here are some suggestions:

1.  20-30 min of Yoga in a fashion that is intense and upbeat

2.  10-30 circuit training

3.  Sprints:  this can be on a stationary bike, on a hill running, in a grassy field, In a swimming pool running or swimming, elipticle, etc.  I like 1 min hard and 1 min rest.  Repeat 5-10 times.  ( 10 min for 5 sprints)
Example of a circuit training:

2 min of abdominal work

1 min of push-ups

1-2 min of legs   Which can be wall sits, leg lifts, squats, squat jumps, single leg squats, or bridge pose with one leg lifted. Different each round or multiple of each per round.

***Repeat for 3 rounds!   This could take as little as 9 min and kick your butt especially if you do squat jumps.

So it doesn’t take much time, it is just about setting a routine that becomes a habit.  Your trigger (what reminds you to get started)  is easy because it’s when you wake up.  The reward is….(you decide).   Can be just saying to yourself , ‘Awesome job!!!’ Or you can come up with some other healthy reward for you.  Stars on a chart work too, but you need to not forget the reward.  Maybe you say ‘when I do 30 days in a row I can buy that … I have been wanting’.  It’s crucial to come up with something to keep you coming back for more.

Add movement into your Day!  

Get up and move every 60-90 minutes through out the day!

Walk around the office, jump up and down, do some jumping jacks, pushups, dance, go to the roof top with hand weights an throw some kick boxing punches into the air, do some sun salutations, run a sprint, jump on a trampoline, get creative and have fun.

Move when you feel tired or distracted, or when you want to increase your productivity and focus.

I do a 3 minute workout of pushups, sit-ups and squat jumps that I love.  It totally energizes me.  Then I sit and meditate for a few minutes, after I catch my breath, and I feel like a new person!!!!

Try it out!!!


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