Continuously update your subconscious programming using these powerful tools.  

You update your phone, your computer, your home, your car, your clothes all the time, right?  How about your subconscious mind?  Your belief system?  We develop our beliefs in childhood.  Everything we here from family and society gets downloaded.  The things we hear the most become beliefs.  But are they true?  Are they supportive?  What old programming do you have that holds you back?

Now, understand that your current program is pretty amazing.  It has created everything you have in life.  It has manifest the current health in your body.  It has manifest the relationship that you have, the job you have, and the play you experience in life.  And, we can always improve on what we have.  So just find the small areas where you can find tune your programming.

Perhaps, there are some big shifts to make too!

Here are some of the big shifts I have made in my subconscious beliefs:
1.  I am not good enough – I am absolutely good enough
2.  I don’t have time. – I have the perfect amount of time.
3.  I have to work harder.  – I get to enjoy life and do what I love
4.  What will others think of me?  – I am free of others opinions positive or negative.
5.  I am ugly, hairy, fat, etc. – I love every part of my being from head to toe.
6.  I don’t know if I can do that.  – I can do anything.
7.  I am going to need a knee replacement sooner or later. – My knee is well, My body is a powerful healing machine, I can heal my body.

I really could go on and on here.  There are many I have changed, and trust me, these new thoughts are so much more fun and powerful. I am no longer injuring myself.  Furthermore, I am much more at peace, centered and confident.  Most importatnly, I no longer try to please others but instead focus on serving and offering my gifts to the world.  I am evolving.  I find things to work on everyday.  I love to learn and grow.

Use these tools to transform your subconscious mind:

1.  Butterfly Net
We are often unaware of our thoughts and beliefs.  The butterfly net is an imagery to assist you in being aware of our thoughts. What stories and beliefs are playing in your head? If we think a thought over and over, it becomes a belief.  However, we can change our thoughts, and thus change any belief that limits us to something better.  When we catch thoughts that are not loving, kind, supportive, and uplifting we can choose to change them.

Imagine you have a butterfly net.  With this net you can catch any negative, unsupportive, or limiting thoughts.  Once you catch it, use a deep breath and open heart to summon something much more loving and kind.

Your emotions will guide you.  Let the emotions of fear such as anger, frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, sadness be your friends and your guides.  They alert you to something important.  Feel them and thank them as they are telling you something is not right.  First feel any resistance that is present.  Then feel the physical sensations in your body.  Where does it show up?  (Chest, face, back, stomach, fist, hip flexors?) This is the only way to let it move through.  Just feel without pushing it away.  Feel with no expectation.  This is not a thinking process, just a feeling experience.

After you have given it space, allowed fear to be your friend, and experienced it, then you may ask yourself, “what are my limiting thoughts here?”.

It is time to use your butterfly net to catch the hidden thought.  Swoosh, the net grabs this thought giving you a chance to transform it to a higher truth.  You have pulled this thought, with your net, from the depths of your subconscious.  Now, you can then update this thought.

A higher truth is a thought that feels a lot better.  It resonates with your inner being.  The negative emotions are a que that your thoughts are out of alignment with your higher self.

Own this new Higher Truth as if it is yours already.  It wil be nice when this new story is runnning through your subconscious.  ‘I am not good enough’, becomes ‘I am absolutely good enough’.

Repeat the higher truth morning and night for 60-90 days until the new, more powerful, program is embodied.

Keep that butterfly net handy to assist in your daily transformation and evolution.  Dive into your subconscious and catch any old programming today.

Catch judgement in this net as well.  Self judgment or judgement of others keeps us stuck in the ego mind, the lower mind.

“There is a field beyond all right doing and wrong doing, I will meet you there.” – Rumi

Use your net to catch judgement and replace it with love.  See the good in yourself or others.  Invite in appreciation instead.

You will be shifting to a place that feels so empowering, healing, and wonderful.  Judgement is constricting.  It is resistance.  It stops the flow of all good coming to you.  You have a butterfly net now, in your hand, ready to catch judgment and transform it, so that you can heal and reach new heights of joy, abundance, and success.

Say to yourself, “I am equal to all others neither above nor below!” (Deepak Chopra).  This will take you right out of the ego mind into your higher mind.

From here you can see that everything is a gift.  We are all doing the best we can with our current evolution.

Elevate yourself and elevate the world.  

2.  Listen to Positive Affirmations.
You will notice a difference in 21 days.
You can listen while you sleep, while getting ready in the morning, while driving or hiking.  Let positive unlimited thoughts soak into your being.
Here are some I like:
Vibrant Health Evolution – Winslow Passey
Power thoughts
Deepak Chopra
Louise Hay

3.  Write your own positive affirmations
Write down your top ten negative thoughts and change them to the exact opposite more powerful thought.

Read them every morning and night.  It takes 60-90 days to shift beliefs this way.

Use your butterfly net throughout the day to catch the negative ones and shift them.

I hope you have a beautiful day!


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