Winter is plugging along and there are so many fun things that I want to share with you. Here is what I will share today.

1.  What is Ojas?  How to build your deep energy stores.
2.  Adventures for you for 2018 – skiing, climbing, retreats, and trekking! 
3.  Creative writing – a vision for the world

1.  What is OJAS?

Ojas is an Ayurveda term that means vigor.  It is described as our deep energy stores that boost our immune system, reduces aging, increases vitality, improves digestion, is essential to increasing spiritual connection, makes one glow, and more.  It’s like our mojo!  Don’t lose your mojo!  Increase your mojo today!

Things that burn through our Ojas and kill our mojo:
1.  Stress – biggest culprit as it releases stress hormones and free radicals (makes you old).  Read this on reducing stress. 
2.  Over-exercising
3.  Too much sex
4.  Overeating, eating too fast, not chewing food, or eating in a stress response
5.  Too much stimulation – loud noises, news, too much information in general as it overstimulates the nervous system.

Things that build Ojas:
1. Being in a relaxed state.  Emotions like joy, peace, acceptance, and bliss.
2.  Eating whole food (not processed), freshly prepared, while sitting down and relaxing.
3.  Mediation and Mindfulness
4.  Deep breathing
5.  Being in nature
6. Laughing
7. Loving others, giving to others
8.  Getting at least 7-8 hrs of sleep a night, going to be by 10 pm so that you are in sync with nature’s rhythms.
9.  Doing things that bring you joy!
5.  Drinking warm milk with ghee, cinnamon, dates, almonds, coconut, saffron and cardamon before bed.

Read more from Dr. Douillard here!

2.  Adventure is a key part of feeling vibrant and alive!  Build your Ojas by doing something you love!  We take people on amazing adventures around the world.  Our clients become friends for life.


Check out our trips for 2018 here!  You will find skiing, climbing, yoga retreats, and trekking adventures.


3.  Creative writing…

…is so powerful and fun.  I find expression coming from me that I did not even know was there.  Here is one I wrote recently in a writing class with Sarah Byrden with the Elemental Self.

When it is dark I dance with the harvest moon.  I shake the cold from my bones and boldly walk into the dark.  Now is the moment to celebrate.  I see the gifts of the stars, the trees bathing in the moonlight, and the city lights twinkling like a lovers eye.  I hear the crunch beneath my feet. I listen to the silence when I am still.

I tame my seeking soul from dashing into the future.  I reel it back to this one present moment where I invite in the most exhilarating breath I have ever experienced.  I embrace the cold air as it tickles my nose and then fills my lungs.  I smile intentionally feeling for JOY.  She (joy) is here.  ‘Let us play, let us dance’, I say, “Do not be shy, hide no more.”  I am open, I am free like the cool breeze kissing the leaves.  I nurture her and invite her to expand.  

When my monkey mind interrupts our play, I lovingly guide him back to these two words, “Greatest” on the inhale, and “Love” on the exhale.  I invite him to dance in the dark and in the cold.  Joy brushes all fear from my bones.  In this moment, I am fearless.  I ask the universe for clarity.  What is the next most important thing to do?  What is my deepest calling on this planet?  I listen.

See, I have a dream that we all step into this place of JOY.  I see her guiding us from our hearts into the most beautiful creations that we can imagine.  With her filling our Souls, all judgment fades into the shadows and is swallowed by the darkness.  Then deep curiosity arises with the new light.  With JOY all fear transforms into love.  We no longer have a desire to fight.  All resistance is washed away.  We are free creative beings bounding with JOY.

We are on the brink of worldwide transformation.  It starts with you and it starts with me being courageous enough to play in the darkness.  May we each love every part of our being, the world, others, all of creation, and every challenge.  Everything is a gift.  It starts with me stepping out of the old molding of my own mind to reinvent myself in an unlimited space of endless possibility.

I want to be open, allowing, fearless, compassionate, curious, playful, and ALIVE.  Let me be dead no more as I have this beautiful opportunity in this special body on this glorious planet.  

I have a dream that we all embrace ourselves in gracious love and acceptance.  That we recognize our gifts and shamelessly offer them to the world.  

How do I do this? Let me ask the questions and listen day after day as I let the universe transform me.  Let me reprogram my mind, one silly thought at a time so that “I am not good enough.” burns away.  In the polished stone, “I am more than good enough. I am perfect.” shines through.  They have always been there waiting for my FAITH to wipe away the ash.

I place this heart-shaped glistening stone near my heart.  It is warm and glowing as if it carries the fire of the earth’s core.  It has magical powers.  It tells me that I can do anything, be anything, and have anything.  Waves of love radiate through my body like ripples on the mirrored lake.  Bliss, I feel bliss, and in her presence I am unstoppable.

I wear this imaginary stone around my neck.  It keeps me warm, it makes me smile. It has all the healing powers of the universe.  Won’t you create a bit of magic too?  What does your stone say and look like?  Just imagine it.

We change the world one thought at a time.
– by Winslow Passey

What are you doing in 2018 to be stronger, healthier, happier, have better relationships and make a difference in this world? 

Studies show that if we don’t carve out time for continuous improvement then it doesn’t happen!  

Check out the Higher Health course here!


Love and Light!

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