My story, what’s yours?

When I look forward, I see brilliant sparkling jewels, butterflies dancing in the wind, children laughing, waterfalls cascading down on my warm vibrant body.

This is the cycle where I step into an abundant field of possibilities.  I see the dense fog lifting from the valley floor where I was once lost, leaving a magnificent clarity and immense beauty for my eyes to behold.  The mist leaves behind precious water droplets on each blade of grass to deeply nourish the growth that is to come.  Now I see the eagles that fly in the updrafts of these glorious peaks all around me.

I am the earth, the mountains, the eagle.  I pulsate with the earth and wallow in her arms.  The rain is my tears shedding, her streams are the blood that flows through my body, her air fills my lungs.

There are things I now know.  I can never turn back.  The victim that I was, is now but a fallacy.  I can no longer sit in the skin of this victim roll for it is old and crusty.  I try to wear it sometimes but the light of knowledge is too bright to let me stay.  It no longer fits my being.

Wow.  Unstopable is my vision of this next 3 year cycle.  To new heights, I will soar.  Yet I know I need the earth as much as I need to fly.  The earth is where I am nourished, bathed, held, and protected.  The earth, who whispers in  my ear ancient knowledge, is not different than the dust of my bones.  In this cycle, may I learn to listen, and to find deep stillness even as I fly.

Most importantly, my body will not let me get away with misalignment of thought, action, or energy anymore.  In misalignmet, I suffer.  Through alignment, I soar.

Tonight my body yearns for me to allow wellness into every part of my being.  It aches for me to sit and breath, for there is something waiting to come into my consciousness.  My body knows perfect health, perfect love, and perfect bliss, as a baby knows it’s mothers breast.

Woulnd’t that be nice, to allow for perfect health, wealth, and happiness?  I see it is all here

already waiting for me to arrive.  At times, illness or injury guides me, stays with me, until I find the path.  Until I finally pause and listen, then I can not find my way.  In this moment, my vision sees beyond this darkness.  I know that I am nearly there.

If I was trying to catch Wolf, I would be silly to run after it.  Wolf would escape my every grasp.  To catch Wolf, I must sit very still until Wolf comes to me.

So NOW, stillness, listening, allowing.  Finally, Wolf comes and says, ” I have always been here, I have never left you, you are whole, you have always been whole. I am your guide into the mountains.”

And so, I let my monkey mind go and watch my body be drawn exactly where my soul wants to go! I courageously do what fear once kept me from doing.  Now I am free.

Happy Holiday thoughts for you

We are energetic beings unfolding from the divine.  Your soul is fearless!  Your mind is the activity, your body is the manifestation.  Fear dampens your soul, curiosity feds your soul.  Therefore, recognize fear and in your awareness let it dissolve into love.

‘Why do we tiptoe through life hoping we make it safely to death?’  -Bob Proctor

To create a different result you must first create a different picture of who you are!  Imagine now who you really want to be!  If you hold the vision long enough, it will come to you.  The more excited and grateful you are then the faster you will manifest your desires.  If you can see it, you can create it.  When you change the image of yourself, your reality will change so fast you won’t know what hit you.

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Write your Story

What is your story?  I have been taking an online writing course and it has been so much fun.  I am going another round with Sarah Byrden in this experience.  It has truly been so powerful.  Below is a link to the course if you are interested in joining.

Seasonal Writing Salons



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