The mind is powerful

“I have the perfect amount of time! “

Is your time stress killing you?  Try this, focus on what you are wanting not the lack of it in your life.  Big Difference!  If I focus on a lack of time, I get more of that.  If I focus on an abundance of time, I get more of that.  We get what we focus on whether we want it or not.  I want you to have the perfect amount of time. 

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First let’s start out with this bit of mental awareness as Time Stress and Emotional Stress are deeply connected.  Often we may find ourselves in a victim role. Vibrant Health Evolutions #1 philosphy is Accountability as this helps us gain control of our lives.

Seek to recognize when you fall into the following roles?

1.  Notice your role: Victim – Persecutor – Rescuer

Victim – blames life or others or circumstances

Persecutor – attackes others

Rescuer – tries to save others

We cycle through them all.  Perhaps one is more common for you.  Awareness is key (another VHE philosophy).

Notice how all arguments are about: ‘who is the bigger victim?’.  We want the other person to take ownership and change.  Conversely, can you take ownership?

 Remember this: Behind every complaint is a request that has not been made.

 For more on relationships, read here. 

When you notice one of these role, try this:

  • Pause, take 3 deep breaths and relax
  • Notcie where are you holding tension in your body?
  • Place your hand on your heart and feel so it can move through.  With curiousity, say, “Oh that is the victim role.” (or persecutor, or rescuer).  Ask the emotion what it needs, listen.
  • Soften, Breath, and then ask yourself how you can take ownership?
    • Emotions guide us.  Here are a few tips for the most common emotions. From Karla McLaren – The Language of Emotions (highly recommend it)
    • Sadness tells us when something needs to be released.  Ask it, ‘What needs to be released?’.
    • Anger or frustration tell us when our boundaries have been crossed?  What boundary has been crossed? What boundary needs to be held?
    • Fear, anxiety, and worry tell us when we need to prepare for something or when we need to be alert and focused. What is it that you need to focus on now?  What do you need to prepare for?

Time Stress is Emotional Stress

Feel your emotions
Body Awareness

2.  Expand Space and Time

Einstein time from ‘The Big Leap’ – by Gay Hendricks:

In the frame-work of Einstein time we recognize that we are the creators of time.  Newtonian time on the other hand leaves us feeling victim to time.

It is so relaxing to shift to Einstein time.  The great thing too is that we then find ourselves getting twice as much done in half the time without overwhelm.  In fact we do it because we love it.  It is never even work just fun.  We don’t rush or hurry ever from this place.

Wrap your brain around this:  You are the creator of time!! 

Expand space and you expand time.  So get spacious, slow down, and know that you have the exact right amount of time to enjoy everything that you do.  If you are trying not to occupy the space you are in then you get stuck in the time trap.  Get present and be in this space here and now.   Time expands.  There is no where you need to be. Everything happens in perfect timing.  

‘You will never have enough time to do the things that you don’t really want to do.  Just like you will never have enough money to buy all the things you don’t really need. ‘ – Gay Hendricks

You do have the exact right amount of time that you need to do exactly what you came here to do.  You have always, exactly what you need.  The only thing that limits us is our minds.  Our own resistance will hold us back.  

Expand space and time
Expand space and time

3.  Challenge of the Month:   Take Full Ownership of Time

Eliminate all talk about time limitations.  Put yourself on a TIME VICTIM DIET!  Increase your awareness of when you use these phrases:

Take ownership of time


‘I don’t have enough time…’

‘If I had more time….’

‘When I get more time I will…’

‘Where did the time go?  ‘

‘If I had only gotten another hour of sleep last night, then… ‘

“There is just no enough hours in the day.”

“Love to chat but I have to run.”


“I don’t have time right now”

If your kids says ‘Will you play with me?’ and you are busy, you may say that you do not have time right now.  However, if your kids runs in with a bleeding foot you would have time to address it no matter what.  So you see our stories about time are just not true.

Notice today what you and others around you say about time.

Turn rebel energy into creative energy.

Quit thinking time is out there. Say to yourself, “I acknowledge that I am the source of time.”

Use this mantra, “I have the perfect amount of time! “


4.  Stress and conflict are caused by resisting acceptance and ownership.

Any part of ourselves or our lives that we are not fully willing to accept, we will experience stress and friction in that area. The stress will disappear the moment we accept that part and claim ownership.  At that moment the disowned part of ourselves is embraced into the wholeness of ourselves.  From this place of wholeness miracles are born.

This Shift into Time Expansion is also about expanding your ownership of life.  That means noticing when you are a victim and taking 100% responsibility!

5.  Body Awareness:

When you get in a hurry where do you feel it in your body?  Tuning into this can help you relax!  Place your hand on your heart, and pay attention to the physicall sensations:

a.  Where does it start? Does it move?

b.  What color is it?

c.  What shape would you give it?

If your mind begins to spin stories, put a big X in your minds eye over the thoughts and say, CANCEL.  Then go back to feeling.

I did this with Bodhi (my 6 yr old) just yesterday, he was upset and felt left out about something.  I held him and ask him those exact questions above.  He pointed to his heart, said it was the color of the fan blades, and it was a circle.  He felt hurt.  I held him as he just simply felt the emotion.  Learning how to feel is so key to our health and wellbeing.  If we don’t it builds up, comes out as anger, or festers inside us making us sick.  Is there something you have been hanging onto for a long time?  He felt better after awhile, and we moved onto playing.  He also communicated later what he really needed.  Try this with your loved ones instead of offering ice cream.  Emotional eating is a hard crutch to ditch.  


Ayurveda habit of the month –  SELF MASSAGE:

As fall approaches, the air can become more dry.  If you run dry, you will love this.   Strategically, I keep sesame oil with some lavender essential oil in a spray glass bottle by my bed with cotton socks.  I massage it into my feet and calves just before bed.  In addtion, I put a little in my nostrils to boost my immune system.  When the nose is dry we are left more suspetible to illness and nose bleeds.

The skin can dry out with the cold and wind. Using oil instead of soap in the shower is superb!  First, put the oil on before you get in the shower and let the warm water drive the oils in deeper.  Gently wipe the oil off with an old towel after you get out as the towel will get saggy over time.  Avoid getting oil on your clothes.  No soap is needed as the oil in antibacterial and antiviral.  Here is what you need:

Sesame oil (not toasted) 

Lavender oil 

Glass spray bottles:  I have them at every sink.

Note that you will want to have a fine mesh drain strainer over your shower drain, and you may want to spray soapy water and rinse it down afterward to protect your drains.

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Ayurveda Cooking Recipe:

You can heal your body.  Food is Medicine, or poison, depending on what you eat.

Eat well
Nutrient Rich foods = You feeling Rich in health and energy



Cook with some or all of the below spices.

  • salt
  • pepper
  • cumin
  • chili
  • coriander
  • fenugreek
  • mustard seed powder
  • ginger
  • garam masala

Cook the below veggies in a saute pan with a tsp of coconut oil and water to steam them.  Add potatos first with a good amount of water, after 10 minutes add veggies of your choice.  Use a lid to steam better.  I like to use a cast iron skillet.

  • Diced red, yellow or orange peppers
  • Broccoli
  • Onion and Garlic
  • Cabbage
  • Cauliflower
  • Carrots
  • Potoatos

Top with any of the following:

  • Avocado
  • Sprouts – homegrown (so easy and so nutritious)
  • Basil, Cilantro, and Parsley ( I dice a big bowl of these and use them with every meal)
  • Salsa
  • One of Medical Mediums 4 delicious dressings:  I use thes all the time.

You will be giving your body a blast of nutrient rich foods and your body will thrive.


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