Have you ever wondered why we get cancer or autoimmune disease or even the common cold?

We have some theories and yet, in general, we just don’t know.

Here are some tips to help your body heal and prevent disease or illness.  Conveniently these tips work for maintaining our ideal body weight as well.

  1.  Eat an Earlier Lighter Dinner.  This is soooooooo important!!!  If you are eating late then you are compromising your health!  I know it is hard to imagine changing.  I had all kinds of excuses why I could not change.  Then when I really got to know how important it is, I shifted!!!  I love it!  Many Ayurveda healing centers do a liquid only diet after 3pm.  This means you eat a good breakfast!  Then have lunch be your biggest meal of the day!  Then go light like a smoothie or soup broth at night.  For the average person it may look like a salad, soup or veggies for dinner instead of meats and dairy around 5pm.  If you are sick, have any disease or want to lose weight then do like the Ayurveda centers and go only liquids after 3pm.  The cool thing is that you will sleep so much better and have more energy!  Try it out for a week!  Don’t take my word for it.  Ask your body.  If you have cancer you have nothing to lose by trying this except perhaps ego, old habits, and limiting beliefs.  If we go to bed with a belly full of food, it takes 60-70% of our bodies energy to digest.  So instead of fighting of disease, illness, or healing it is trying to digest.  You will not be able to sleep as deeply.  Try it for just one night and see for yourself.  We are not designed to eat after dark!  It was not safe evolutionarily to do so.  Eat when you get home from skiing, or school!  Take dinner with you if you have to work late!  You can find a way!
  2. Drink Water!  So simple and yet so hard for many of us.  Can you drink 8 8oz glasses of water a day!  Drink in between meals and avoid snacking.  Often we eat when we should drink.  Your body will thank you.  Instead of your blood being thick and sluggish, it will flow.  Your lymph system will be able to do its job.  Drink plain water!  It is the very best thing for you!  It is exactly what you need!  Attaching all kinds of things like carbonation, sugar, caffeine, or artificial sweeteners to the water make it less absorbable.  It gets stuck in between the cells instead of going into the cells.  You will come to love it I guarantee.
  3. Find Peace!!!  – reducing stress is so powerful for wellness, weight loss, and healing.  I did not know that I was stressed all the time really until I became more aware.  Learning to breathe, soften, meditate, and relax have been so powerful for me.  So many aches and pains in my body have just disappeared.  Stress is a killer!  We know that!  We can find evidence all around.  It jacks up our stress hormones, tightens our bodies, and limits us in so many ways.  It is now what happens to you, it is how you perceive it.  How do you respond?  We can not digest when we are in a stress response. The blood goes away from digestion so we can fight or flight.  So if we want to be healthy we have to slow it right down, breathe, and relax before we eat!  Then we can make better choices!
  4. Eat Veggies!!  – Make veggies the main event!  Eat them at every meal!  Eat as many different types as you can including the weeds that grow in your yard and sprouts in your kitchen.  I highly recommend smoothies.  You can get a great boost of nutrients this way!  Fruits that are raw have all the digest enzymes present to break them down.  They are much different than a pasteurized fruit juice.  Teach your kids to eat veggies too!

Smoothie Recipe:

  • 2 cups of frozen Mango
  • 1 big pomegranate
  • 2 oranges
  • 4 dates
  • loads of spinach (3 big handfuls or as much as I can fit in)
  • cod fish oil (two pills cut open or a tsp) for omega 3’s
  • warm water (avoid drinking cold beverages as it is shocking on your system, especially in the winter)

Blend and Drink!  Add green powder if you want to double up!


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