Here is a video recording for you with yesterdays webinar!  I hope you enjoy it!

In the video I reference Gay Hendricks book, The Big Leap!  Check it out!  It’s a fun one.

I also want to give credit to Jeff Foster and his wonderful book The Deepest Acceptance.  I totally love this one!   I borrowed his metaphor of the expansive ocean and the waves of experience.   I highly recommend the audio as it is his voice and it is more like he is talking with you than reading a book!


Mindfulness corner:

Self love shows up in the subtlest of moves!

Life will give us whatever experiences we need for the highest evolution of our consciousness. It will come as the tickle of a feather or as a sledge hammer depending on our listening skills.  So practice honing your listening skills today!!

  1. In the middle of the night I was so thirsty but only half awake.  I was tempted to ignore it and go back to sleep.  I could feel my heart beating more strongly than usual in my chest.  I knew what my body needed.   I thought of my heart having to work harder pumping thicker blood.  Out of love for my heart, I aroused enough to move and I had 3 big glasses of water.  Ayurveda suggest to us that we listen to our bodily urges.  They are communicating the needs of the body.  To ignore it can cause imbalance.  It makes sense.  I often drink lots of water in the night.  Last night the water was room temperature and it made me really cold.  I know my body didn’t like that.  So I visualized myself bringing in a thermos for tonight.  My constitution is mostly Vata (air and space) so I can dry out fast and cool down easily especially living in Utah.  So I sleep with a humidifier most nights too.
  2. As I was nearly back asleep I felt a slight tingle in my knee.  Again I didn’t want to move and may have been able to sleep.  I did call my self back into consciousness enough to move it and then I said to my knee, “There so go sweet knee!” .   I use to be mad at my knee all the time.  Now I just send it love and gratitude.  It works better that way.  

Learn your Ayurveda constitution with this 5 min quiz from  It is fun to know and can give you insight into your body and its needs.  We are all our own unique combination of Fire, Water, Earth, Air and Space.  It determines the shape of our bodies, skin and hair color, food preferences, spending habits, attitude, desires and even emotional tendencies.


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