Wahoo!!!  I am celebrating completion and certification as a Certified Health Coach through Yoga Healer!  It has been one of the best journeys of my life.

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On my closing phone call today I was asked to lay out where I was when I started and where I am now!  This is worth sharing for me and reading for you.

I began this program around a 1.5 years ago.  Bodhi was 1 year old.  I was looking for a healing journey and was so grateful to find Yoga Healer with Cate Stillman.  Admittedly, I did not know exactly what it was that I would be learning.  The financial commitment for the Yoga Health Coaching program seemed huge for me, and yet I wanted it so deeply, that I found a way to make it happen.

I was sleep deprived at the time, eating dinner at 8:30 or 9pm, going to sleep at midnight, and operating from a place of anxiety all the time.  I snacked all the time and had stinky gas often.  I thought it was because I ate healthy.

I did not realize that I operated from this place of anxiety all the time though, and if I asked others I don’t think they would of guessed it either.  As I became more and more aware, it became clear to me.  I was in a stress response most of the time.  I was always thinking about what was next.  What should I do next?  I packed as much as I could into each day working right up until bed time.  I rarely sat down. I was internally judging my husband for taking breaks or rest days.  I felt overwhelmed a lot.

There was an underlying belief that popped up and sabatoged me often of,  ‘I am not good enough’.  I had joint pain and was looking at another wrist surgery to remove a bone to relieve the pain.  I was toxic even though you would have thought (or may have thought) that I was the healthiest person you knew.  The acupuncturist turned his head looking at my tongue and said I needed to go lie down and breath.

Now after learning the habits of Ayurveda.  I eat at 5pm, go to sleep by 9pm and have so much more energy!  I mostly don’t snack anymore and I avoid overeating and consequently don’t have gas or stinky gas.  I operate from a place of peace and presence.  So beautiful.  It’s a practice.  I can bring myself back again and again.  I get better at it everyday.  This peace and presence have transformed my relationships with my husband and son.  Imagine how different it is?  I listen better, show more love, enjoy the moments we have together, I am less defensive, more open, and feel more joy.  Thus I have more joy to share.  I sit down to eat!

I breath consciously throughout the day.  I breath through my nose when I exercise.  This improves my ability to expand my capacity and keep my body relaxed.  I have become much less toxic and my wrist pain from 6 + years is gone.  My underlying belief of ‘I am not good enough’ has transformed to ‘I am absolutely good enough’.   This is amazing.  I have been working on that one for 20 years.  It is so fun to explore life as a playground with unlimited potential without that dragging me down and stopping me in my tracks.

I cherish the value of down time.  I recognize the need for sitting, feeling, listening, and being.  I love meditation and enjoy a daily consistent practice in the morning and another moment at night.  After dinner I bond with my family, go for a walk or jump on the trampoline.  I don’t do screen time after dark.  I do massage my feet with oil from a place of deep love and gratitude before bed.  I do massage with oil in the shower too!  These are self care practices I would have never given myself permission to do before.

I am so grateful to be teaching Bodhi great habits like drinking water in the morning to poop, putting oil in his nose so as not to get dried out and thus sick, and eating his greens and veggies (he digs the smoothies)!  He does not have to wait until he is 40 to learn these habits!  

Please!  Teach your kids these habits!   It will change their lives!

I still have a lot to learn.  I am loving every minute of this journey.  The first time I heard about earlier lighter dinner I thought there was no way I could do it.  I am so glad I worked through the resistance and gave it a go!  It is so important and works so well!  We will always have resistance to change.

So please.  Be inspired!!!  There is nothing that you can not do!  It is never about the money!  Invest in yourself.  Take care of yourself.  Recognize self talk and make it kind, supportive, and healing.  Take time for you!  Learn the habits of Ayurveda!  These practices work!  Don’t take my word for it!  Try it for yourself!  Then listen and feel!  Want more energy?  Eat an early light dinner!  Your body will heal and sleep so much better!

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Smoothie Recipe Cherry Apple delight:

5 dandelion leaves

1/2 cucumber

2 cups cherries

2 apples

4 dates

1 scoop green powder (optional)


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As it gets colder avoid cold beverages.  Warm it to room temperature by blending for several minutes or putting it on the stove.  Don’t warm above 118F (warm to the finger) or you will kill the enzymes.  If you need it a bit sweeter add stevia or a spoonful of honey!

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20 minute gental yoga practice.

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