What is your current operating system?  Overwhelm or Ease???

  • Do you feel overwhelmed?
  • Do you wake up feeling rushed and thinking of your to do list?
  • Do you feel like you never have enough time?
  • Does it seem hard to make changes?
  • Do you feel anxious?
  • Do you find it hard to sit still?
  • Do you feel like you should always be doing something?
  • Do you have little time to take care of yourself?
  • Is it hard to sit down and eat?
  • Are you worried, stressed, fearful, frustrated or angry often?
  • Do you have low energy?

These may be some of the things you experience when you are operating from a stress response.  You may also notice you body does this:

  • Shoulders round forward and/or hunch up
  • Chin is forward
  • Heart is closed
  • Face is tense
  • Forehead is scrunched
  • Body is slumped



So how do we do it?  Anything that comes into our senses that does not get digested becomes poison.  It gets stuck in our bodies.  This includes thoughts, emotions, movies, books, all experiences.  How do we experience the world?  Through our senses.  What we see, hear, touch, smell and taste is how we perceive the world.


  1. Notice what triggers you into a stress response.  Be specific. The more you dial it in the better.
  2. Pause and take notice of your emotions.  What is there?  Allow it to exist.  Where does it show up in your physical body?  Be specific!  Is it in your chest, gut, throat?  What does it feel like?  Focus feeling the intensity of it.   Notice how when you give it space and really tune into the physical sensations does it get more intense or less.
  3. What we resist persist!! Make space to feel and digest the emotions.  The only way past is to go through!
  4. Then take 3 breaths and move toward a more relaxed state.
  5. Choose your response instead of reacting!
  6. Listen to your self talk.  Is it kind?  Commit to being non-judgmental, compassionate and curious!

“I have a really busy day, I must meditate longer!”  -Dalai Lama

Vibrant Health Evolution – Let’s do this!

When we have a lot going on our tendency may be to let self care go out the window.  This will leave us depleted, isolated and unavailable.  So your mindfulness skills are even more important when you have a lot going on!

  • Take time each day to Sit in Silence.  This is the best way to increase your awareness about what is going on in your brain, body, and spirit.  From a non-judgmental place just take notice.  We must first be aware of our patterns before we have a chance to change them.
  • Eat Mindfully – take a few deep breaths to relax before eating, come to gratitude!  Your body can not digest food from a stress response. The blood rushes to the extremities to fight or to run and not much blood can get to your belly!  So relax, sit down, breath, enjoy, eat, and digest!
  • To change a habit you must take a look at your belief system.  Understand your Limiting Beliefs and shift them to a Higher Truth!  For me, “I am not good enough” was a mostly hidden baseline of operation that I tried hard to avoid addressing.  To shift it I changed it to, “I am absolutely good enough”.  Then repeated this in my mind morning and night for months.  The belief  shifted in the subconscious so I am able to live into the Higher Truth.

We can totally shift our subconscious beliefs!!!

It so so worth doing!!!  And in fact your life depends on it!  

If we don’t then we continue to live out our limiting beliefs.  Don’t worry though, Life will give you whatever experiences you need for the Highest Evolution of your Consciousness.

You will keep getting lesson thrown your way.  Maybe they show up as injuries, problems in your body, or some big event!  It is all there to teach us.  So start learning now!

Check out my next program coming up called Higher Health!

We start with Easeful Living and then focus on adding Habits to help you get so in sync with nature.  When in sync our body heals itself and moves toward thrive.

You will notice that when you are more calm, present, and less reactive that all areas of your life improve from relationships to work!

Put healthy habits into place and the future will take care of itself!!!

Now is the most important time!!!

Investing in You is the most important investment with the greatest return for you and others in your life.

Vibrant Health Evolution


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