Vibrant Health Evolution Philosophies

Let these philosophies guide you to be happy, healthy, and strong!

1.  JOY: Joy is the Highest Purpose.

From a place of joy, we can create everything that we can imagine!  From this space, we are in alignment with our inner being/higher self/source energy.  We can move mountains and create worlds!

2.  INNER BEING:  Align with Your Inner Being to create greater joy, abundance, and success

Any action we take from a place of misalignment is counterproductive!  Our emotions are our guide as to whether we are in alignment or not.  Negative emotions mean that we are out of alignment with our inner being.  If we feel good then we are in alignment! How you feel is the most important thing.

3. SYNCHRONICITY: We Thrive when the Body is in Sync with Natures Rhythms.

When we get in sync with nature’s rhythms things get easy!  The body knows how to heal, the body knows how to be well.  All we have to do is get in sync and allow wellness to come to us!  Furthermore, when you get in alignment you can sleep well, have lots of energy, heal, feel vibrant, and maximize the potential of your body.   

4.  EFFORTLESS: Life should be easy and effortless.

If we are in a state of ease 100% of the time then there is no way that dis-ease can come into our experience.  From a space of joy, abundance, and appreciation everything we are wanting can easily flow to us.  Lean back and trust.

5.  SELF-LOVE: Treat Your Body with Love and Respect.

Can you love yourself so much that there is never judgment or criticism again?  Your body is the exact perfect vehicle for you.  We can not find love outside of ourselves if we do not find it inside first!  Life is a journey into self-love.  We all have to learn how to shift out of the Ego mind and into our Inner Being space, out of fear and into love.  Let the journey begin here.  Most importantly, we can reprogram our subconscious minds to have beliefs that are so much more supportive, expansive, and powerful.  Appreciate what you have now, visualize what you want, believe it, and then it will come to you.  It is that easy!

6.  SERVE: Serve Instead of Please.

Pleasing comes from the ego mind/the lower mind where we are comparing ourselves to others.   The ego always is trying to prove itself.  Therefore, it yearns for approval and power.  It wants to be right.  Yet it tells us we are not good enough.  Ego comes from a place of fear.   Serving is from the inner being/higher mind, and it comes from a place of love!  When serving you speak from your heart instead of worrying about what others think.  Try this, the next time you go to get dressed, let go of thoughts of what others will think and just choose what you love! 

Use these saying to help you shift to your inner being space. 

From Deepak Chopra:

  1. I am free from others opinions, positive or negative. 

  2. I am equal to all beings, neither above nor below. 

  3. I am fearless.  I am unlimited.  I am love!

7.  FREEDOM:  Time illness steals away our freedom.  The only thing I suggest you ever say about time is this: 

have the perfect amount of time. 

Time is one of the biggest stressors for us.  We have so many stories about not having enough time.  In reality, we have the perfect amount of time.  A lack of time feeling comes from being in a state of resistance.  Change your story about time:  I have the perfect amount of time.”  Say it over and over until it sinks into your bones. 

8.  CHANGE:  Change yourself first.

Trying to change anyone else will always lead to suffering.  We can not change others.  Most relevantly, make a commitment to change yourself, and you will have endless power and freedom.  Completely accept others.  Let go of wanting others to change.  Praise the good you see, and you will get more of that.  Focus on what is not working, what you don’t like, and you will get more of that.  When you change, everything around you will change too.  Peace starts with you.  In addition, find peace and you uplift the whole world. 

I was in Nepal just after the King was overthrown. Journeying to a monastery with a Sherpa friend, we visited a monk who was his good friend.  I asked the monk if you were leading the country what would you do differently?  He thought for awhile and then said, “First I would change myself!”  This struck me to my core.  If we all did that then there would be no war. 

9.  DESIRE: Focus on what you want.

See it and believe it, and it will come to you.  When ski guiding I offer the clients a secret to skiing in the trees.  Focus on the spaces in between the trees, not the trees themselves.  If we focus on the tree and say, “Don’t hit the tree, don’t hit the tree.”  Then we will hit the tree or fall first to avoid hitting the tree we were headed for.  Therefore the secret is, to focus on the spaces in between the trees, not the trees themselves.  Such is life!  If you worry, you will manifest what you are giving focus to.  Focus on what you want!  Focus on where you want to go.  Look for the good, look for the openings.  It always feels good to shift your focus to what you want instead of what you don’t want. 


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