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A story emerges better than any I have told before!

3 Powerful exercises to get you living an intentional life! 

1.  Imagine you are telling me a story.  The setting is a year from now, Halloween, 2018!  It starts like this, “Winslow, I have had the most amazing year.  You would not believe what all happened…”   Allow yourself to be totally unrealistic and unlimited!  Just do it!  Take 5 min and write!

2.  Tell me a story a week out jumping to Nov. 7th, 2017.  It goes like this, “Winslow I have had the best week, you would not believe how cool…”

3.  Now tell me this story jump to the end of the day.  “Winslow, I have had the best day, you wouldn’t believe how peaceful, fun, and powerful it was…”

This will help you visualize all you are wanting and give it life!  And please send it to me so I can feel your passion and see it happening too!

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  • Below is a Story I wrote the other day in a writing course I am taking.


I hope it inspires you!

When I fall like a leaf outside my window, I float with the effortless ease of nature.  I am free, I am vibrant in my full expression of color and vulnerability.  I fall to the earth where I will become one with the soul.  May I feel the great pulsation of mother earth calling me to her womb.  I am changing, I am transformation, I am free. There is no death, there is no fear, only a chance to become something new!

Up here in the air, my being is pulsing with love.  I am inspired by the divine.  May this one breath that exists as I float through the sky be the sweetest most precious breath I have ever felt.  Now, I truly feel unlimited!

I always have been unlimited, I see that now.  But when I was clinging to the tree, begging for love, hoping to be seen, yearning to be heard, I could not find my freedom.  It was buried deep below the earth in the darkness of my untamed ego.  All these years my inner being has been waiting for me to unfold.  The love that I was seeking is here, has always been here, and will always be here even as I become the dust of the earth.

Now as I unveil my beauty to the world let every corner of my being unfold.  Let this journey from the tree to the earth be the most precious moment in time.  May I be filled with the ultimate sweetness of seeing, hearing, smelling, feeling, tasting, touching this world, in this form, with all the beauty within me and all the magnificence around me.   May I let love move through me as I allow the ego to fade. Let a vibrant sparkle of consciousness light me up in this world.

I am loved, I am protected, I am free.  There is no other place I wish to be.  Joy explodes from the core of my being.

But wait there is so much to do, and there is so little time!!

Do not fear my beautiful child you have the perfect amount of time.  You have everything you need.

Yes, I have the perfect amount of time, always!

Inhale, Exhale, Soften, Melt!  Do not be a victim to cortisol pulsing through your veins.  Be here now!  There is nowhere else to be.  You are protected, you are loved, you belong here just because you exist.

Come back to me in this breath, in this moment, this is where you find neverending LOVE! 

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