Powerful Energy for Change is Here!

I am not a Vedic Astrologist or expert on eclipses, so I have been digging in the realms of Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda, and Vedic Astrology to see what I can find out about the energy of the Solar Eclipse and what is the best thing to do.  Here are some things that resonate with me.

Energy is sporadic, Emotions are high!

Firstly, everyone seems to agree that we should be careful around this time.  Vedic Astrology says the energy begins shifting in weeks leading up and peaks at the eclipse and then tapers off after that.

Think Positive!

It is always true that what we focus on is what we get in life.  This is the Law of Attraction.   In this time take careful notice of all the thoughts that go through your mind.  Most importantly, catch any negative thoughts right away and shift them to something positive.  Focus on what you are wanting instead of what you don’t want.

For example, if you have illness or injury you acutely begin to desire wellness and better health.  Keep focusing on wellness, strength, healing and feeling good and you will get it!  If you focus on illness, injury, pain, and the lack of health then you will get more of that.  If you want a good relationship and yet you focus on what is not working in the one you have, or the lack of having a relationship, then you get more of that.

“Think glorious thoughts and you will have a glorious life.” – Louise Hay

Our thought patterns are habitual, so pause and listen to your self talk.  Can you make it more positive?  …more powerful?  …more open?  …more abundant?

Try This Tool:

Open your arms wide and say, “I am open to all the goodness and abundance in the universe”  

It is all here for you just waiting for you to stop resisting, hesitating, worrying, etc.


Reflect, Let Go, and Forgive:

You may have heard before that the new moon time is a time to turn in and be reflective.  Well the new moon crossing in front of the powerful sun casting darkness on the United States for 2.5 minutes in the middle of the day is like that on steroids.  That’s right, Introspection on Steroids is what you should go for.

Why?  When we pause to sit still and listen our intuition can speak to us.  Connecting inwardly in this time period can bring you so much healing.  In addition, you have access to deep powerful energy and wisdom for change at this time.

Furthermore, notice where you have resistance.  Where can you let go?  Who are you trying to control? What are you trying to control?  Who can you forgive, including yourself or others?

Forgive your dad, send love to your dad, connect with your dad whether alive or not this is a great time for father healing.  Since the sun is masculine and it is being blocked we can really benefit from this work right now!



What do you Want to Change?

This is a great time to ask the age long questions:

 Who am I?  

What do I want? 

Most noteworthy, listen to your passionate desires.  Set clear intentions for change after the eclipse.



Especially relevant, picture yourself having exactly what you are wanting.  Most importantly, feel the essence of it with tons of positive emotion and smile.  Gratitude, Peace, Abundance, Love, Freedom, Joy – feel these emotions.  Consequently, you are raising your vibration to attract exactly what you are wanting into your life.


What to Do?

  • Stay inside – if you are outside cover up your skin and head with a white scarf as the rays are different and dangerous, look away, sit in or near a stream, build a fort with your kids and be inside it, or hang in your tent.
  • Meditate
  • Think positive
  • Fast for 12 hours prior on food, 3 hr prior on liquids – your digestive fire will be lower this day and the emptiness will allow you to connect more fully with your intuition.
  • Eat light clean foods the day before

What to Avoid?

  • Driving
  • Looking at the Sun
  • Alcohol, Drugs, or unhealthy foods
  • Speaking out – it is time to focus inward, avoid conflict, political conversation, arguing.  During this time you may also easily say something you regret later.
  • Changing job or relationships
  • Starting something new (finish what you have going, wait to start something new)
  • Conceiving a child is not recommended in this time
  • Negative thoughts
  • Negative Actions


In conclusion, invite in the greatest amount of love, goodness, and joy for yourself and others at this time.  Your energy will then uplift us all!  Peace starts with each person.  To create a peaceful world find peace in you, offer peace to your family, and spread peace everywhere you go!




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