Spring is a great time for a detox

If we were eating more from wild nature we would naturally get a cleansing by eating the early bitter roots and then the early greens that arise.  Ayurveda tradition recommends we cleanse every spring and fall.  The Spring cleanse clears out the heavy mucus from winter and gets rid of sluggishness.  So first of all, eat lots of greens!

I highly recommend a cleanse of some type 1-2 times a year in spring and fall.  This gives the body a chance to reset.  There are many ways to do it.


Dr. Douillards Colorado Cleanse – One form of a Kitchari (rice and split yellow mung beans with spices) cleanse with nice recipes and good guidance and deep science to go along with it.  I really love him and his offerings to this world.   He likes to combine Ayurveda and Western Science and really focuses on depth of knowledge, lowering stress, and getting in sync!

Banyan Botanicals has some nice cleanses you can check out here too that are Kitchari cleanses.   While you are there take their quick quiz to learn your constitution.

The Master Cleanse is good for a deep cleanse, weight loss, and for cleaning out lots of mucus.  Best for Kapha (go to banyan botanicals link above to do the quick quiz).  May be too much for many.

Eliminating something:  You can also choose to take out something or things that are not that great for you for a period of time.  Such as:  sugar, coffee, caffeine, soda, alcohol, etc.

Add something:  In addition, you can also choose to add something in.  Like greens to every meal, a green smoothie every morning, etc.

Liquid cleanse:  This is where you eat smoothies and soups.  These are easy to digest and give your system a break.  The basic formula for a smoothie is greens, fruit and water.

Raw foods:  This is where you are eating foods that have not been heated above 118 degrees F.  If you are VATA is is especially important to eat warm foods so you could do this and just warm the smoothies to room temperature and your raw soup up to just warm enough to put your finger in.  To make a raw soup you would blend veggies with broth, spices or miso and then warm it on the stove a little.

Earlier Lighter Dinner:  This is a great habit in general.  For your cleanse eat your biggest meal in the middle of the day and only liquids after 3pm.  So go for a smoothie or a frothy soup at night.  This will help you sleep better, heal better, and have tons more energy!   It is so important not to go to sleep with food in our belly!  When we eat late, then we do not sleep as deeply, we don’t heal as well, and we feel sluggish the next day.  We are not made to digest a night in this horizontal position.  So lighted it it with soups and salads.  Alternately, you can move your dinner time up a hour or two for a week.  Careful though, you may feel so good that you never go back to that late dinner!

Most importantly, lower your Stress!

As a result, you will free great!  


10 Keys to a Good Cleanse:

  1.  Slow things way way down.  Create more downtime.  Schedule less.  Make every move throughout your day meditative and mindful.  Really notice your mind and bring it to a place of nurturing thoughts and love.

  2. Give yourself an oil massage (sesame, almond, sunflower, coconut oils are good) daily before a hot shower or bath.  Use an old towel to wipe oil off after the shower.  Light a candle and play some soothing music.  Put oil on your feet before going to sleep at night.  Use a pair of old socks after you apply the oil.

  3. Detox your environment.  Check out this book by Marie Kondo.  The life changing magic of tidying.

  4. Meditate – great to do first thing in the morning and/or right before bed.  Check out the headspace app to get started.  I also like Louise Hay on YouTube , or Jason Stephenson.  Or just sit still for 5 min and breath well.  Here is a post I did on Meditation for you.

  5. Cut out toxic things like sugar, caffeine, alcohol, drugs, and processed foods.  It will be a good experiment for you as well to see how you feel without it.  Also cut out:  arguing, negative thinking, self criticism, and stressing in general.  Give yourself permission to relax.  Move from Overwhelm to ease! 

  6. Try out a float tank which great for healing, detoxing, meditating and completely letting go.  This is a salt salt tank you float in for an hour.  They are amazing.  In addition, get a massage.  You are really going for deep self care and healing here!

  7. Most importantly, Drink lots of water! Ayurveda suggest we avoid cold water or beverages.  They are shocking to our bodies.  Warm water is soothing and great for the digestive track.  Drink water first thing in the morning 2-3 glasses.   Then drink in between meals plain water.  Sip warm water all day.  Drinking water a half hour before meals hydrates the stomach lining and prepares from digestion.  Sip small amounts during the meal and then wait 30 min to drink more water so you do not dilute your digestive fire with too much water during the meal.

  8. Eat foods free of pesticides, hormones and antibiotics.  Unless your meat says no hormones or antibiotics then it has it!  Here is a list of the dirty dozen and clean 15.  Buy the dirty dozen foods organic because they hold a lot of pesticides.  The foods with the least pesticides are call the clean 15.

  9. Furthermore, Detox your home!  I recommend reading Marie Kondo’s:  The Life Changing Magic of Tidying.  It clears our mind and helps us relax when the home is simple, free and organized.  Get rid of anything that does not bring you joy.  Then you will only be surrounded by things that bring you joy!

  10. Be happy!!!  Be with your family!!!  Have fun!!! This is the most important of all!

Happy cleansing!   Love to hear from you!

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