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Eat less meat !!!

There are many reason you may want to do this.  Let’s explore!

  1.  What is the quality of the meat you eat?  Unless you are eating organic meat, or meat raised with no hormones and antibiotics, then you are getting hormones and antibiotics into your system from the meat.  Most likely the animals may have had a horrible life as well.  This throws our natural balance out of whack.  Antibiotics wipe out our gut lining leaving us unable to absorb nutrients well, and susceptible to foreign things entering our body cavity.  Ayurveda explains how this is a cause of allergies, food sensitivities, auto immune disorders, skin disorders, etc.  Hormones are the regulatory system of our bodies!  They control our hunger, satiation, happiness and energy!  Keep it clean and you will feel better and have more energy!
  2. We often eat more than we need.  Try a smaller portion!  Especially at night.  It takes awhile to digest meat.  We want to go to bed with an empty stomach.  This way the body is not bogged down by digestion at night.  Digestion takes 60% of the bodies energy.  This is power that should be performing deep healing functions in the body at night like fighting off disease, repairing tissues, and sorting in the brain.   We get a deeper sleep if we are not bogged down by digestion.  We are not designed to digest while lying down.  Eat early!  Eat light!  Take a 10 min rest and then a 10 minute walk after eating!  We eat at 5pm and sleep by 9 or 10.  It rocks!!!  It was not easy to shift this, but so worth it!
  3. Listen to your body!  There is not a set amount of meat that each person needs!  Some people do well without and some don’t.  It depends or your body, how well you add in plant sources of protein,  and the time of year!  Ayurveda principle: Winter is the season when we have the highest digestive fire and can handle more meat and fats.  Lighten up in the spring and summer!  At dinner I often just eat a few bites of meat and that is enough!  When I cook meat for my family I make small serving.  A 12 oz portion of beef will last the three of us two days.  Learn your body type at banyanbotanicals.com!
  4. Add beans and grains to your diet.  Try going vegetarian for dinner a few nights a week!  This is good for you and for the planet.  See this blog! It takes up so many resources to raise our meat like water, land, and grains.  You will be helping to feed so many other people when you do this.  Beans and grains are the perfect protein and have great health benefits.  Diversity is key in your diet!  Eat as much variety as you can or veggies, fruits, beans, and grains.
  5. Plant based diet!  Meat is a secondary source of nutrition!  What do the animals eat?  Grass!  Seaweed!  If it is a meat eating animal you will be getting a higher dose of toxins that build up in the meat.  So eat animals that are vegetarians.  The original source of energy is from plants!  Increase the amount of food from plants and you will be getting a higher quality source of nutrients!!!  I highly recommend smoothies!  They give you a massive dose of nutrients to set you up for an energetic day!  The basic formula is here below!  Drink them at room temperature of slightly warm in the winter.

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