IMG_0111-2I call this practice:

Big Heart Space or Open Heart Space:

When my son is crying and my shoulders round in, my heart begins to ache and I want to make it better.  Then I remind myself to hold a big heart space for him.  So I take a deep breath and I open my shoulders and I open my heart.  I hold him tight and send him lots of love.  I don’t try to fix it,  I just allow space for him to have his experience and I hold a state of openness,  calmness, peace, and love.  I open MY HEART in a BIG way!  Then I give him a loving smile of compassion.  So much better than caving my shoulders, closing my heart and trying to fix it all.   Enjoy this Big Heart Practice!  It can work with anyone.

This is a mindfulness practice that brings me back to the present moment.  The only moment we really have.  I like to practice mindfulness as many times throughout the day as I can remember.  When I find myself tense while doing dishes and thinking about what I would rather be doing, then I look out the window, take a deep breath, and try to relax and deeply enjoy the process.  Same when cooking.  I often get in a rush and I will feel the tension in my mid back, drop things, bang myself, etc.  These are all signs to me that I need to slow things way down.  A learning process that is well worth the journey.

What does it mean?  “Open Heart Space”

Essentially, Open Heart Space is exactly those 3 words.
1.  Stay Open – as opposed to closed.  Open feels light, expansive, nonjudgemental, curious.  Being closed feels heavy, tight, contracting, restricting, cut off, separate, comparative, judgmental. From an open space we see opportunity, we trust that everything will be okay, we can see the big picture.  From contraction we end up in a victim role, get defensive, in the fight or flight syndrome, we worry, and see the worst.
2.  Connect to your heart – Move out of the busy mind for a moment and focus on your heart area.  Even touch your heart area to connect and then breath with your belly.  When we connect with the heart we can come from a place of love instead of fear or worry.  Trust is key.
3.  Get Spacious – create more space in your mind and being.  Physically open your chest area, soften your face, neck, shoulders, etc. (melt).  Envision more space inside you, and connect to something bigger.  See God/Source Energy as not something above you but within you.  Slow things way down!

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